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Feb 28, 2020
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Feb 28, 2020
    1. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey Bro, just wondering if you had the chance to look for that Stretchstrike Venom, and if you were lucky enough to find one?
    2. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Too bad coupons don't work on it and I guess shipping wasn't too bad. Hope it gets here fast enough.
    3. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Congrats on finally getting Rodimus.
    4. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      hmm not sure if I wanna go to toys r us this week, but I do have a coupon I should use. Anything I need to keep an eye out?
    5. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      If you shop there at 11:59 pm -> Tuesday 12 AM then you might be able to catch one.

      Well I'm trying to register my ds before the price drop to get into their ambassador program and get it at the price adjusted price without trying to gamble with store price adjustment policies. Best Buy is supposedly revoking price adjustments to anyone who bought a 3ds recently.
    6. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Are you shopping late again? I need help getting a Nintendo 3ds if Walmart is price dropping early.
    7. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      what's your schedule for this week like? We should start scouting for Rodimus, maybe.
    8. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Hey remember to leave me feedback, I'll give you the key next time we meet. I promise!
    9. Karhukjnsi
      I saw Hatchet ONCE I believe at the Westminster Walmart. Voyager Sentinel I've seen two at the Brea Walmart, but I'm sure you want to use the discount and/or coupon on 'em.

      I'm going to wait to see if a Deluxe Hatchet comes to us, myself.
    10. Karhukjnsi
      Got Shockwave at the Fullerton Target on Yorba Linda. They only had one left and I snagged 'em, don't know if they have any more in the back, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. At Whittier Target in Whitwood (by Whittier and Santa Gertrudes), they had Skyhammers, so he's been there, don't know if they'd have more in the back but again, shouldn't hurt to ask. The La Habra Target on Imperial had the same situation, I believe, as the Whittier Target. Now I must wait until Saturday when my next paycheck comes in so I may snag Voyager Megatron.
    11. SydneyY
      Just do the ones that take your fancy :) Lots of DOTM toys aren't very tempting to take 40+ pics of. Damn fun toys though! I love Sideswipe.
    12. SydneyY
      welcome, mate, finally! :rock
    13. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Thanks again for the tip on Shockwave.
    14. Scythe
      Ohh, okay. Thought I read somewhere you were goin' to Wizard World.
    15. Scythe
      Hey, what day did you go to Anaheim Comic-Con?
    16. thenatureboywoo
      The pics you did of Soundwave and Blurr for the Galleries look good man.
    17. VectorPrime404
      What thread is it?
    18. VectorPrime404
      Hi. I noticed in the "Post your most recent" thread that you went to Frank and Sons. And that you live in Southern California. How close to Pomona are you? I'm in that area, and was wondering if we could hang out and talk about TFs.
    19. thenatureboywoo
      Just wanted to say your photo galleries you've done for the site are really cool. Keep up the good work.
    20. Digitalskull
      Good Day,

      You want to trade your Arcee's for my Classics (MISB) Prime ?
      I'm in Canada at J7X 1N7.

      Let me know,
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