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    1. Basilisk
      Hey would you ever make your shapeways power core adapters available again?
    2. G.I.EDDIE
      Right there with ya...everytime I watch it, I dislike it more and more...the thing that bothered me most, the suit...I absolutely hate the reinvention...yours is perfect!...second was the forced, out of place, horribly timed kiss between Superman and Lois...seriously? In the middle of all that destruction? All the people he could've been shown trying to save/help instead? And then killing Zod. He couldn't just fly away with Zod? He couldn't just put his hands over Zods eyes? If he had the strength to snap Zods neck, couldn't he have just turned Zods head away?

      But yeah, Superman needed to be a fun movie, and it wasn't, at all. :(
    3. G.I.EDDIE
      I've been drooling over that pic of "what might've been" for a year+ when I first stumbled upon it...just last night did I notice the tag...VERY nice job, man...I'd be so much happier with the film if that's the costume we'd have gotten...
    4. G.I.EDDIE
      Is this your work? The image tag has your username in it...

    5. KPhilipsen
      Hey man, I did a quick search for you on Shapeways after seeing G.I. Eddies Herc with the straight shoulder adapters and absolutely loved them! Any chance they're still for sale? I know I'm super late to the party. Thanks for your time!
    6. G.I.EDDIE
      Would you prefer I just send you the adapter?...would it be easier that way?
    7. LordOptimus
      Hey thedreaded,

      Cool avatar. :thumbs2:
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