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Aug 20, 2004
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Dec 10, 2023
    1. The621
      I think I have a different direction for Hot Spot's legs!
    2. Superquad7
      Yeah man! My number is still the same. So are of my other contact details . . . . :wink:
    3. Superquad7
      Well, hey there sunshine!
    4. TheDevastator
      You're too kind The621. I'm glad you're back to the hobby. I cannot wait to see your Constructicons :)
    5. The621
      I have returned, Devastator-Sensei...


      Wait'll you see Mixmaster and the rest of the Constructicons towards this month. They'll be a fusion of your designs and... well, something else. :p
    6. swampert123
      check out devastator in this vid.
      Revenge of the Fallen: The Mobile Game - Transformers News
    7. Superquad7
    8. cowclone
    9. Superquad7
    10. rrho3246
      Hey, I am new to this site but not Transformers. I am a huge fan and was wondering if you are building or plan too any more Devastators. IF so how much would it cost to buy one?

    11. decepticon1976
      i sent you a pm, and figured i'd try out this feature of the board.
    12. TheDevastator
      I keep forgetting this little visitor message section is here!
    13. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Me Grimlock DESTORY Devastator!
    14. Superquad7
    15. REDLINE
      Rich, sorry I can't seem to reply to you in MSN :( stupid Micro$oft. I get your messages, but everytime I try to send a reply it instantly says "could not be sent" :mad
    16. big hank
      big hank
      Hey Man, I'd be happy to do it. I'm new around here so I don't know how to private message through the board. You can email me at [email protected] and we can exchange addy's and such. If you feel it necessary, I won't do it for free, but I'll take an IOU for now. I'm sure I'll need some help down the line!! I am starting to cast a bit to, it can be a pain, but I need to step up my casting skill. I may cast a bit for Incinerators wrists. I'm gonna go back to work now, I am trying to get LEDs into that Laserbeak I'm working on, so his eyes and thrusters will ight up red!! Take it easy, David(BH)
    17. TheDevastator
      Dude, that would be so freakin' awesome! I don't think I could have you do it for free though! There must be something I can offer you. I do a little bit of casting. I'm not very good at it right now but I can make parts that are okay enough for kitbashing. I can probably get a few misc TF parts too.
    18. big hank
      big hank
      Hey Dev, If you have an Incinerator and want me to do the props/hand mod, drop a line. I'll do it for free, just to get some more practice with it. I actually would have to do it a little different at the wrist, 'cause I'm doing something a little more high tech on mine. It needed a different way to connect!---David (BIG HANK)
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