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    1. TrueNomadSkies
      They worked ahah, but yeah. Superstore's pretty much a grocery store with a little bit of random shit like toys, cosmetics & electronics, so naturally I walk through the toy section whenever I'm there for food. The selection isn't too great since they don't specialize in that stuff & the return policy is only like 14 days, but their prices are pretty much on par with the market right now, and the last time I was there, cyberverse commanders were was marked down to 6 I believe. With my 2 dollar coupon & the 30 cent one I'll get after buying gas, that should equal to a 4 dollar Powerglide, and since I kinda have to go there anyway, its a plus.

      ... off to the market for a heart of Powerglide!
    2. TrueNomadSkies
      It's not a big deal, and honestly, I didn't think your post came off as whiny or whatever. I've just been making more of an effort as of late to avoid inadvertently offending people over the internet, as that apparently happens a lot. I just woke up too (surprise, I went online before even taking a piss), so its all good.

      Actually, I'm getting the urge to buy a Cyberverse Powerglide now for no reason, so hopefully I can find my 2 dollar superstore coupon. I probably won though because I couldn't find it when I went to get bread last week, but maybe I'll get lucky.
    3. TrueNomadSkies
      Yeah, sorry about that. When people don't have their ages listed on their profiles, I tend to assume that they're either 17 or 30, so that left a 50% chance of you not being 18, and I didn't want you to get in trouble because of that. Also about the donation bar thing, I think it's cool that you made the thread. I just thought that you might have wanted to donate 10 bucks now or something, rather than simply wanting to point out that the setting had reverted.

      I didn't mean any sort of malice or anything when I left the comment, honest.
    4. TrueNomadSkies
      Well about the donation thing, you can still build up to the 25. Just save the money you intent on donating, and then once you have enough (or are old enough in the case of not being old enough for a Paypal account), then you can just click the buttons all the way to the Jelly World, I mean Fuzzy World.
    5. GFH
      True enough. My kilt for school isn't really a real kilt (It's got far less fabric because it's for class, not war.) and it still cost us over 150 dollars.
    6. GFH
      Totally straight. So, is that a no on that kilt you were thinking of?
    7. GFH
      Well, do what you like then.

      Yeah, those guys...
    8. GFH
      In the picture I took, I wore my school kilt hiked up to miniskirt level, so whichever.

      In all seriousness, please don't feel pressured to do it. It's just a little joke. If you want to though, go ahead. :lol
    9. rxlthunder
      Over 5000 posts :D
    10. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Well, it's good to know I'm not alone in thinking this way...otherwise, though, you have a good point. Hopefully, the really angry people are just being sarcastic like you said, but if not...uh...well, if that's the case, then I legitimately fear for mankind.

      You've got the right idea, though; withdrawing to enjoy the toys alone, free from the excesses of the fandom, is probably the best thing one can do at the moment, especially if the fans at large continue this troubling pattern of behaviour.

      And don't worry, your last statement made perfect sense. ^^ I just have to take a page from my other current fandom and apply some strategic love and tolerance, lol.
    11. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Hmph...I guess. I mean, yeah, that is true, but why should I have to be okay with it? I mean, if they're allowed to complain about what they don't like, surely I should also be allowed to complain, right?

      But again, it's not like I don't know how things work-- people will always accentuate the negative. Because I guess it's just more fun to vent and complain about stuff than it is to be positive. What irks me more is just how immature a lot of people on the boards get about it. They work themselves into a frenzy and type line upon line of poorly thought out, profanity-laden rants about freaking pieces of plastic-- it makes them look like a bunch of damn fools! And for what? It's not as if Hasbro is reading any of this and taking it to heart, and even if they were, they're certainly not to going to take it seriously when they see how profane and aggressive it all sounds. I dunno, it just strikes me as a waste of time and effort that unnecessarily clutters the forums.

      *sigh* But honestly, I guess I'm really not any better than them by saying this, am I? I'd probably be better off if I just steered clear of those threads before I end up saying something that really pisses someone off. Thanks for being sensible and putting things in perspective for me.
    12. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Ugh...I just get really annoyed when people feel the need to spam the same repetitive complaints all over the damn boards. I was always of the opinion that if you really, really hate something, you should just state your opinion and politely leave.
    13. eagc7
      TF4 is real
      Transformers 4 Release Date Revealed - Transformers News - TFW2005
    14. rxlthunder
      So, how long do you think it'll be until the cat thread's gone?
    15. Nachtsider
      No shit, son. :mad
    16. DrTraveler
      No attack meant. When I saw your topic I expected a wish list an so I thought I'd get one going.
    17. DrTraveler
      Oh, sorry about that.
    18. eagc7
    19. eagc7
      what u mean
    20. eagc7
      DOTM Hatchet (i didnt bougt him, my cousins who were visiting USA got him for me)
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