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    1. TrueNomadSkies
      Yeah, this is totally RID Bulkhead's fault.
    2. TrueNomadSkies
      Sounds rough, but once you find another job & get some more money coming in, things should improve. That's the boat I'm in right now, anyway.
    3. TrueNomadSkies

      What kinda cars've you been looking into?
    4. TrueNomadSkies
      Good man. Disregard what you think you saw. :)

      Also, you can find Animated Lockdown for like 10+shipping, if not 7 or 8, and you're not crazy. When I first signed up here, I knew how much of shitstorm buying & selling can be (mostly because online ripping its rampant in the Yugioh community, some of which I saw & dealt with first hand while staffing), so I wanted to buy from someone I knew was legit without needing to become active on the forum yet since I was kinda eager to get some BW shit I never had as a kid. Along with finding a shitload of stuff that I wanted at good prices, that's why I bought from Dr. Prime instead of really playing the field for things, at least in the beginning.

      ... but yeah, if you're saving up for something bigger, then toys can wait, or at least take the back seat.
    5. TrueNomadSkies
      I've gotten infractions for saying that kind of stuff about myself & mentioning my national stereotypes, so you should probably edit that reply to call yourself a Ferengi or something. Also, most of the people on here are cool, so I wouldn't get turned off by a few bad experiences, especially ones that didn't even involve you.

      Actually, all of the people who I've bought or sold from on TFW & have been extremely cool about things, which is why I usually consider it a blessing in disguise when certain people haven't replied to PMs or whatever because I'd much rather deal with em before money or items get sent than after.
    6. TrueNomadSkies
      Nah, you're good hah. Generally, that list is reserved for people who've either dicked me around hella hard or flat out broke off communication for a sale/who choose not to reply to junkion related messages. I also have a few people on there who've actually stolen from people or tried to ruin the reputation of others instead of handling shit maturely, but save 1 or 2 people, I think all of the ones on that portion have since been banned anyway.

      Truthfully, the chances of any of those people even contacting me are slim, but in the event of me forgetting who they are & see something on their sales list that I'm after, I keep a record in case they're selling something for the sake of avoiding more time wasted.
    7. TrueNomadSkies
      Haha. It's all good though, as my intents are genuine, and being a forum regular has "some" advantages over being a random lurker. Doesn't stop shitty people from being shitty & getting themselves on my personal "avoid contacting or doing business with" lists, though. :lol
    8. TrueNomadSkies
      Just messing with ya, but I guess it all comes down to stuff adding up quickly when you're online almost every day & keep up with multiple sections. That's generally what I tell people (be it on here or on my Yugioh forum where I'm getting close to 30k), as its really the best way to explain it. Like if you're to divide it, I think it comes to something like 25 posts a day, which isn't really that much when you take into account how many areas TFW has.
    9. TrueNomadSkies
      Pretty sure each of those numbers are for one post I've made on the TFW2005 forums, and that added up, they come to 10,226.
    10. Joe Moore
      Joe Moore
      Probably is something best kept to either pm's or profile page invites.
    11. Nachtsider
      I'd be totally up for the TinyChat.
    12. Inikalord
      I had a good guess that the 4Kids edited version was the one that you were talking about.

      As long as you don't mindlessly bash Kai without reason, I can freely respect your opinion.

      Another thing to note about Kai is that it was made to celebrate Dragon Ball's 20th anniversary.

      The old Z is indeed a classic but by no means was it perfect. It had issues with filler which affected it's pacing. Kai was there to help out with some of that.

      In the end though, it's a matter of preference on which version you wish to watch.
    13. Inikalord
      Kai isn;t meant to be a complete re-tooling of the same 291 episodes. It is essentially a Manga cut of the original by removing almost all of the filler to make it closer to the Manga.

      And what's really so bad about the English Kai? A much closer script to the original japanese, much more experienced voice actors and new roles that are a warm welcome (GGohan and Frieza for example)

      Kai is what we should have gotten in the first place.

      Plus, your also only watching the version that airs on the Toonzai 4Kids channel, not the original. Uncut DVD's are availible and it even airs on Nicktoons which isn;t as badly edited as 4Kids makes it. 4Kids does not own Kai, Funimation does.
    14. SG hailstorm
      SG hailstorm
      alright, thanks!
    15. SG hailstorm
      SG hailstorm
      Ohhh ok, where could i find one?
    16. transtrekkie
      Well I actually did get a response. Not that it really clarified anything, but hey, at least someone replied.
    17. transtrekkie
      I'm sure that's what they're hoping although the only reason I even started that to begin with was because of the huge inconsistency. I mean, I don't mind following rules, so long as I know what said rules are and they are enforced consistently. I might just bump it and see what happens. Some response would be nice even if they just tell me to shut up.
    18. Tampalicious
      Mika's doing much better, she's eating everyday and using her litter normally, and has her mannerisms back, such as bugging me for catnip, jumping on the sink when I'm brushing, sleeping on the bed in the mornings, watching tv with me etc. I got her a real carrier that she sleeps in sometimes and she now has "her own" care credit account lol. my dad says he is doing ok too and not to be worryin about him, so life goes on for now. thanks for askin about her though!
    19. transtrekkie
      Thanks. Course, I still haven't gotten any clarification but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks this.
    20. TrueNomadSkies
      ... with science!
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