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Apr 20, 2024 at 7:28 AM
    1. prime777
      Hey. happy new year!
    2. Wheel_Jack
      So, what car did you decide on then? what did you have that lasted as long as it did? :)
      Yeah, Robert California was as awesome entering the show as he was leaving. That creepy unsettling interview and that creepier more unsettling girl gymnast mentoring charity. New season has had some hits and misses. Some episodes seem forced while others are great. Nellie is great. and the new guys are kind of growing on me a little. Yeah, I think this being the last season is a smart choice. I actually really liked how kelly and ryan left the show. perfect actually.

      So what about the toy world. what do you think of the new mp sideswipe?
    3. Wheel_Jack
      Hey man, have you had a chance to see the first episode of this season? weird. but Kevin steels the show every time he's on. His little subplot killed me. :) hope you're well otherwise bro.
    4. Wheel_Jack
      hey man, how's it going? get a chance to catch up on the office? :) it's been busy busy here for me. a lot of little projects in the works. I've been recently rewatching some of the old episodes and the flow from scott-post-scott is a lot smoother when you remove the emotional disappointment out of the equation. :) have you seen parks and recreation? it's along the same vein and is quite enjoyable. also another show to check out is bbc's the thick of it. that show is effing brilliant! gotta run brotha but I hope you're doing well my man.
    5. Wheel_Jack
      hey man, how've you been? I miss my office chatting buddy. what's new with you?
    6. Wheel_Jack
      I work with mostly dudes, so we don't have a lot of undies conversations. :)
      so the show me. I've been watching a few of the old ones and I just feel these new ones fall a little flat. I love all the characters but it seems to still be missing something. I hope it continues, I'll still watch it faithfully. I just don't LOVE it like I used to. Dwight seems to be stepping it up a bit which is always good.
    7. Wheel_Jack
      yeah, it's weird for sure. but I think andy's gonna stay in the driver's seat for a while. they're investing a lot of time in his "growing pains" and it would seem a little wasteful to do so if they're just gonna switch them out. plus it would turn into each episode becoming a "what if?" scenario....which could also be really funny. We'll see. :)

      This has been a very busy period for me as well. I haven't been able to bash at all. probably the longest I've gone since I began and no end in sight. :( good luck with school work man. at least you're not a gym teacher. :D
    8. Wheel_Jack
      hey bro, have you been watching the new season? what do you think so far? I've been enjoying it while still reminding myself that Michael Scott won't be back. boo. but I absolutely loved dwight at the garden party. anyway, hope you're doing well bro.
    9. Wheel_Jack
      That was a great one. The fair well one was brilliant as well. glad it was a little longer. this most recent one was also quite good. I love how everyone's the same but the comfort zone is gone and they're awkwardly trying to redefine they're position in the company. Will Ferrell's final joke made me spit my drink out. I can't wait to see ricky gervais back on it. The guy is a comedy genius.

      I've never used warhammer paints. rich (spurt reynolds) is the man you should seek.

      as for funding. it comes and goes. I do commissions once in a while to justify some purchases. otherwise I don't buy a lot really. I spend most of my money on supplies, paints, epoxy, styrene, tools, model kits. But I don't do heroine or spend my money on prostitutes so I think I'm doing ok. :D As a day job, I work for a company that packages, stores and delivers fine art and the like. I build the custom crates for storage and transport. :D 7 years of art school and I make boxes.
    10. Wheel_Jack
      OH man, you're pulse worrior? Glad I didn't mix up your gender. that was a little uncomfortable for a sec. Con's a cool name. you were destined to be a TF fan.

      about the office. The drink the soap bit was awesome. I think with michael, they're building up to his final episode. It's heartbreaking to watch.

      I haven't messed with tamiya spray paints but I've tried they're brush on stuff. it's weird. try using testors modelmasters. make sure they're modelmasters! I use them almost exclusively. another great source for spray paint are automotive paints. duplicolor is the one I've been using when it comes to that stuff.
      as for wolfman jack, you need to do a dwight digibash of him. :)
    11. Wheel_Jack
      um, I just saw pics of your collection. ...can I come over? also just saw that you are a female. um...sorry about all the bros and dudes and mans. Anyway bro, about the office. whajya think? I'm not sure. Didn't feel like an episode of the office. they started picking steam with the last few and this one left me feeling like I got ripped off. Andy did crack me up on a few occasions though. kevin was kevin. The rest were kind of I did read another rumor about a possible david brent appearance in the final episode this season. I just rewatched season 2 of that series. dammit, it's so good. he really is the only person I can see moving in.

      As for painting your bots. What are you using exactly? as long as you are using the right paints, allowing them to cure properly you should be fine. give it another go! you'll surprise yourself I'm sure.

      I'm not not a fan of elvira. I don't think I've been a fan of somebody solely because of their set since samantha fox. I'm more of a svengoolie kinda guy. my girlfriend and I went to see he him last halloween. ha!
    12. Wheel_Jack
      ha, hey man, sorry it's taken me this long to get back to ya. That last office left me in a funk for a good day or two. I just don't want him to leave dammit! :(

      Tfans, yeah, it's weird, the whole automatic posting just kind of killed it for me. I still keep my gallery updated on that site. I met a lot of cool dudes there back in the day. Wikkid for one. :)
      So about bashing. I had a g1 collection from my childhood. I would take it out once in a while. set 'em up and then put them away for a year or two. I would peek into the toy section from time to time but never purchased anything. Then I heard rumors about a possible movie. So I got on the world wide web and that led to me finding out about the classics line...I was hooked. I wanted MORE! I discovered transtopia and I spent hours drooling over their customs. after a while I tried my hand at painting and it was awful. I'm not being modest. AWFUL. then bit by bit I started getting to know my way around the toys and materials. It's turned into a serious addiction. :)
      and about your profile pic, it's kind of creeping me out. I'm so used to dwight being there. :)
    13. Wheel_Jack
      yeah these last couple have been amazing. glad to see jim and dwight at it again. :D
    14. Wheel_Jack
      clean up on isle 5
    15. Wheel_Jack
      no I didn't but I see it now. wow what an awesome little detail. last nights episode destroyed me. That was SO funny.
    16. Wheel_Jack
      sorry why did I say brian? I meant jim. :D
    17. Wheel_Jack
      "How awesome would it be if Gareth, Tim, Dawn & the rest of them showed up randomly on the US series now & then..."
      That would be too awesome. the last couple of episodes have been too much about michael and holly hooking up. kinda want that over with and for dwight and brian to get on each other. the scene with dwight talking to the guy at the asian restaurant made me fall over though. actually dwight was brilliant throughout that entire search mission. I can think like Michael. Alright, I'm deep below the ocean's surface in a submarine. A torpedo is coming right at me...No! Damn it! That's just my own imagination.
    18. Wheel_Jack
      Yeah, it killed me when he asked if there were any openings and michael said no. When brent said that's what she said and giggled and michael hugged him, I lost it. yeah, I heard about will ferrell being in there. that'll be interesting. I also heard rumors about harvey keitel possibly. anyway, I don't know. I just feel like he can't be replaced. :(
    19. Wheel_Jack
      how awesome was seeing steve carrell and ricky gervais together playing their parts. dammit. a whole season of that would be enough to satisfy all of my TV viewing needs.
    20. Wheel_Jack
      yeah, I'm really really really gonna miss him when he's gone. I'm not a huge tv person. I usually have one show that I actually watch and usually through rentals and hulu. I'll have a hard time replacing this one. before this was flight of the conchords and The thick of it. BCC show I got into on youtube. filmed in the mocumentary style the office is in. I think this guy has all of them YouTube - ALLUKTV's Channel

      but yeah, some of the names thrown around are pretty good to replace michael but I just feel like he can't go. I hope I'm wrong.

      Take your time getting on board at s70. I know how it goes. I seriously doubt your hopeless. You should've seen my first bashes. embarrassing to say the least.
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