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Apr 17, 2016
Dec 16, 2008
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the (H)i(GH)con

raver-in-diguise, 44

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Apr 17, 2016
    1. PORTER
      im glad we worked everything out and rekindled our friendship bro.if any of the mods want to know about it id be glad with telling them how much of a idiot i was but, thats all water under the bridge now.til all are one my brother.
    2. dsn1014
      Oh yeah, I'd gladly have a look at them if that's cool, if you can send pics to [email protected] that'd be awesome :)
    3. the (H)i(GH)con
      the (H)i(GH)con
      sorry for the delay... havent had internet. I actually have a few joes somewhere that I got in a bag of random stuff at a flea market. Im not all that familiar wth the names of the different lines, but I know they have to be fairly recent. I have a few crimson gaurd, one of which being a python patrol deco, a half panted destro I started & never finished, and a what I think is a cobra scuba diver (bot not an eel). I dont think i'll ever use them for anything, and I'll gladly pass em your way if you're interested in em. I could take pics, but i'd have to send them to a cell phone or an email address with my phone until get my internet turned back on
    4. dsn1014
      I'm the same with my customs, but it was nice to see and hold work done by someone else. It's pretty dismal out my way for collecting, we have Prime, but only wave 1. Not hoping to score much during the visit, but holding out hope for a FOC Shockwave to be on a shelf somewhere. Other than that, I'm trying to pick up some Joes if I can stumble across any, was hoping to find some of the ones in Family Dollar, but I'm here very late to that party. The interwebz is the only way to get them methinks these days, hate the shipping costs though.
    5. the (H)i(GH)con
      the (H)i(GH)con
      Nice to meet you too. It really is a small world! As for the customs, I ust wish I could finish a few more of them! HAHA! I never got to ask you, how's the selection, toy wise, over there? It's AWFUL over here. I hope you didn't plan on scoring anything cool while you were here besides bumblebees...
    6. dsn1014
      Nice to meet you last night man, too bad we couldn't stay longer. Having seen your list I need to make one of my own. Looked through your customs as well, love them.
    7. Superquad7
      Hye hey,, thanks a lot man! :)
    8. Superquad7
      Merry Christmas to you too! May your holiday have Presents Inside!
    9. Superquad7
      It's going :lol Still in the process of packing, and making necessary arrangements. If you've ever moved, I'm sure you know how all of that goes :lol
    10. Superquad7
      Hey man, thanks a lot for sharing your ideas! As for Vector Prime, I think that's a really keen idea for him and time travel. However, while I do have a reshell planned for the DeLorean, it will be an Alternators/Binal Tech version of Steelskin, which is a G1 custom from a friend of mine. I've got the parts for the custom, it's just a matter of getting to it.

      As far as the Toyota FJ as Beachcomer, I'd love for that to have happened! A friend of mine from here (Dormamu) owns an FJ, and I actually have a 1:24 diecast version of his truck! However, I've had a standing Beachcomber custom planned for a few years now:


      Bluavenger (custom-bot creations, as he is known on ebay) was supposed to make it for me, but essentially took my Rollbar and the Classics figures I used to pay him and skipped out. plowking was ripped off WAY more than I was, so that's just a word of caution for you and others wishing to deal with him.

      What are some of your other ideas? I'm having a lot of fun talking to you about some of them! :)
    11. DecepticonSpike
      It was fun. Not a lot of TF stuff to buy, though.
    12. DecepticonSpike
      Did you happen to make it to Mid-Ohio Con?
    13. DecepticonSpike
      I'm in Lewisburg, about 10 minutes easy of the Indiana border, right off of I-70. Yourself?
      hey, i play all sorts electro and house at the minute my residency demands i keep music styles varied as i have to play different music on different nights. ad be happy to send ya a demo. what kind of music is you thing?
    15. the (H)i(GH)con
      the (H)i(GH)con
      Actually, I emailed him twice already. Once when I first joined, about a soundwave head. And a little less than a week ago about rachet. I haven't gotten a response from either message. And that sucks because I think I remember an Alternators sized rachet head sculpt in his "head thread" a while back. I think I have the problem solved though fortunately, but thanks for trying anyways
    16. big hank
      big hank
      There's a board member here names Sculpt-Bot, he makes casts of heads. I believe he has an Alternators Skids repro head available. and I think they are only $10 shipped. Give him a Private Message, I'm sure he can help you out! Also he may be slow to respond, so give hime some time!:thumbs2:
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