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Nov 25, 2023 at 1:27 AM
Jun 3, 2006
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The Crazy Collector

Well, that's just Prime!

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Nov 25, 2023 at 1:27 AM
    1. GoZeo
    2. GoZeo
      Hi there!

      I am a collector looking for a Dairy Queen G2 Optimus Prime figure.

      Do you have one? I found a page about it with your post on the site.

      If so, would you be willing to sell it to me?

      Thanks and let me know ;D
      1. The Crazy Collector
        The Crazy Collector
        Sorry my friend, I sold the two I had a long time ago. It's a pretty rare and difficult piece to find. Good luck in your hunt!
        Aug 16, 2019
    3. Henriquedematos
      Hey there, just to say I PM'd you about the Nestlé Transformers, check your inbox please :)
    4. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      How much do you ask for the DMK? And what more detailed and expensive stuff do you have?
    5. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Originally Posted by The Crazy Collector:

      Yep, it's really for sale! LOL! I'm starting with the movie stuff, and will go from there....
      What matters to force you to sell everything? Amazing collection. I am interested ... But I would like to know why you still sell? Surely this is painful - to tear from heart these things!
    6. SydneyY
      was going to reply to your PM, but something came up and I have to go. Shouldn't have been wasting time posting in the forums. Will reply tonight!!
    7. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Just 6 days in LA and 1 in Washington (between air-planes I would have 15 hours). This trip turn out an extremely expensive!!! That's why I couldn't stay longer. I received a visa for two years and probably would ride to BotCon next year or somewhere else!!!
    8. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Thanks! By the way I've got a visa today! Yahoo!!! It's a big victory!
    9. Russian fan
    10. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Awesome collection! :)
    11. TFPrime
      I figure you'd be the person who can help here.. anything you can post about it?
    12. TFPrime
      Yeah..I just paid 125$ for it. I know it was high..sat on Ebay for about a week..But in 6yrs it's the first time I've ever seen it on ebay, so..Even though I tried telling myself not to, had to go for it to have it.
    13. TFPrime
      Hey Scott, how much do you figure a still sealed in bag Dairy Queen Optimus Prime from 94 is worth? I just bought one on Ebay knowing I paid way too much for it..but i never see it anywhere for sale, so, after waiting a week..Pushed the button and bought it. Any ideas?
    14. SydneyY
    15. SydneyY
      I really appreciate them - especially decoys. About time I do some more of those! I'll work on the TFA ones tomorrow morning.

      (Your kabaya Fire Convoy pics were already on the page btw :D)
    16. SydneyY
      Just noticed your submissions - thanks!! I'll get onto it tonight :)
    17. blissful1126
      actually i seldom log in here, so just in case you need me, you can email me at [email protected]

    18. blissful1126
      I am just glad you like it.

      I like transformers but they are just too expensive to collect. Let me know if you need something that strangely Asia has but not in USA.
    19. blissful1126
      Hi Scott! I have posted the item.

      The registered number is RR707218125SG.

      Feel free to contact me if you need anything! Cheers~
    20. blissful1126
      Coolx! i will post it out on Thursday.. Sorry for the delay..
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