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May 18, 2024 at 5:12 PM
Feb 11, 2004
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The Barracuda

Retro, bitches.

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May 18, 2024 at 5:12 PM
    1. Omegashark18
      Yeah, it seems that his works always wind up getting cancelled. Kind of unfair really.
    2. Omegashark18
      Thanks for giving me that link. Now that I finished the second season, I'm going to read them all. :)
    3. eagc7
      I've had to call Canada post once to make sure a parcel I sent had the correct address. Usually, if the address is mostly correct, it will often arrive on time, but there may be some extra processing time involved. I believe it's the sender himself that has to call Canada post and change the shipping info if there's indeed a mistake, not the recipient. Was there any kind of tracking number? That would make it much easier. And how was it shipped? Sometimes, if it's the cheapest ground option, it can take a while.
    4. knook
      Thanks man :)
      I'll be sure to pick them up if they see a UK release!
    5. knook
      Hey, I was looking through the Highs & Lows thread, I was wondering how you got to see the Gargoyles series, I thought that'd been off TV for years.
    6. *Soundwave*
      Yea, on Saturdays. none on sunday, or this monday(mlk day). hopefully tuesday or anytime next week. ill let ya know when it gets here!
    7. *Soundwave*
      cool. just trying to get a general location so i know how far it is. the farthest it could be, haha. but hopefully it comes today. =] i always have good mail luck on saturdays
    8. *Soundwave*
      Hey whats up? I was just wondering, where in Canada do you live?
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