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Jun 27, 2007
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Dec 26, 2018
    1. grimlockprime
      pmed ur tracking number
    2. WhiteMocha
      Totally agree, the "Christian Transfan" fellow is asking to be parodied. :) Why that would have any bearing on toy robots, who knows....?

      Glad you didn't get any reprimands for your sub-heading. It's definitely nice to see more openly atheistic folks in the world, we're normally a fairly silent minority.

      Keep up the rational thinkin'! :)
    3. WhiteMocha
      Hey! Nothing important, I just noticed a post of yours in a thread, and wanted to express my appreciation for your avatar sub-heading. As a fellow atheist, I salute you for including that on your profile! :)
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    Your happiness about TF's doesn't count to hasbro, and not even to TT, and WHEN TF's stop selling,or if one or both of the companies goes under...You won't have new ones to buy. So think before you start 'demanding' or whining that they make some obscure figure that appeared once in the marvel g1 comics issue 46. Be happy with what you're getting, You don't know how good it is now (for TF's anyway...).