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    1. netkid
      What is that robot in your signature from?
    2. Naztok
      Thanks, I'd needed the motivation to start drawing again.
    3. Naztok
      Yeah, I was just busy recently.
    4. Naztok
      Yeah, where'd you disappear to?
      not really

      but i have noticed that energon inferno could serve as yuusha gaurdfire

      and energon jetfire could serve as yuusha guardwing

      and cybertron crosswise could serve as guardstar

      so there are 3 possible transformer figures that would look good done up as brave characters
      would energon skyblast make for a good chestplate for fansproject bruticus?

      the reason i ask that question is because i am considering modding my energon omnicon skyblast

      the basic idea i want to go with is that i will salvage the back shoulder halfs from my junker energon barricade so that with them mounted on the underside of skyblasts vehicle mode the jet can plug into place on bruticus maximus/fansproject enhanced bruticus's back

      with bruticus's back instead serving as the front of the core body combiner form and skyblast serving as the breastplate armor and chestplate for the combiner form

      and onslaughts backpack just hanging down his back in core body combiner form so that the weapons pack missile cannons can still clip into place on bruticus's back

      if i can i also want to salvage a set of tiny joints from armada sideways headmaster figures so that skyblast will have a set of retractable kneejoints builtinto his upper and lower legs

      i would also like to mod skyblasts cockpit headpiece so that it covers the entrie face portion of the head in vehicel mode and can fold down behind the head for robot mode

      basicly this will be a version of the combaticons in which starscream hismelf actually serves as the breastplate chest armor for the combiner form of bruticus with starscream more or less serving asa secondary brain for bruticus amd jointly controlling bruticus as a kind of shared body

      basicly starscream would be the puppetmaster so to speak
      sure man i love talking braveformers as custom crossover brainstorming goes

      wait a sec

      i got it

      could cybertron metroplex be bashed up into a braveformers version of car robots brave maximus?

      dude that would rock
      or better yet a genesic style gaogaigar combiner team using two tank limb figures for the legs
      the bruticus maximus add on sets feet for the tanks as drill gao 2 to combine with in leg mode

      energon barricade for volfogg who would combine with

      energon skyblast for guy/stealthgao to form the corebody of the combiner form

      two energon jet limbs for the space style linergao which would form the armored shoudlers

      two crane truck limbs as enryu and hyoryu for the arm limbs

      and the hands from the brutiucs maximus add on sets
      hell fello brave fan

      let me know what you think of this idea

      energon barricade done up as a autobot body for volfoggs character from gaogaigar

      with one of the energon helicoptor limb s done up as gunglue and a second coptor limb bashed up into a motorcycle limb figure for gundober

      with the 3 using the hands , the missile pods and lower arm parts from the bruticus maximus add on sets when the 3 combine to become big volfogg asa 3 member autobot combiner team
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