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    1. vvvTheONEvvv
      siiiiiick... so 9 sets of 1,2 or 3 and 7 sets of 4, 5 or 6? makes it more understandable to go and look at which sets now that you have described it all in detail.

      suuport pillars sound/look nice - (7-10) but wouldn't they get in the way of say, a FP or MMC piece? unless I'm trying to display mechwarrior pewter figures, I'll go the original route you explained.

      oh yeah, my avatar - like it? lol... tank-force brutiking!
    2. vvvTheONEvvv
      I appreciate your knowledge and how you conduct yourself, very professional... I actually look forward to reading your input and pictures in the threads.

      I have looked into the chain-bases and still cant make up my mind... on ebay there is a set of 001-010 for 100 bucks, sounds like a good start... but they all look different than each other - or am I missing something?

      you have that huge chain base setup - which exact kits should I get to have a wall 3 high, 7 long, and 3 deep? and maybe a 2nd story tier like you have if I can figure it out?

      figured you were the one to ask, as the persons selling these items don't respond to questions. thanks again!
    3. soymonk
      Sure thing, man. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!

      I'm thinking about getting the one that ToyWorld's putting out. The only ones I've seen so far are too traditional looking. I haven't any yet that look like a steel briefcase and I've thought about modeling it in Skethup for Shapeways.
    4. soymonk
      Hi again! I'm thinking about getting one of the third party Brainstorms if I've got the cash. Any recommendations for a model suitcase?
    5. soymonk
      Awesome. Thanks for the info!
    6. soymonk
      I saw the images you've been posting of your figures with Kotobukiya weapons. They looks great! So these things fit into 5mm hands snugly?
    7. Ace5180
      I'm still slightly new to this type of forum, do you know if there is a way to attach a picture to a message from a phone browser?
    8. Ace5180
      ok, i finally got them in the mail today and put them together. the chainsaw only had one flaw in one of the silver chain link molds (thank goodness they had a couple extra molded on one of the gray molds). however, i'm trying to figure out how it was attached to giant's arm. the handle doesn't swing around the direction shown, and the "peg" on his forearm is too small for the gap in the back of the chainsaw.

    9. Ace5180
      Hello. You helped me find some nice accessories for Green Giant, so I was hoping you could provide a little more info about them. I found the Kotobukiya weapon sets (saber & hammer and dynamic saw) on ebay and they are on their way. However, I noticed they are model kits and require assembly. I have no problem with this as I used to put together Gundam models when I was younger.
      I would just like to know, are they sturdy enough on their own, or would they require a certain kind of glue to stay together? Thank you for your time.
    10. BLOODRAGED189
      Totally sick! Might have to do that with mine.
    11. BLOODRAGED189
      I haven't actually. Do you have the link on hand? Breacher's my favorite figure, and that's not even relative to his being a scout.
    12. BLOODRAGED189
      No problem, and I like your avatar!
    13. BLOODRAGED189
    14. Kilowog
      You've probably been asked this a lot, but can skystalker just be put on bruticus without any modifications? Also where'd you get the white missiles for Skystalker, that little gun for 'swindle' and onslaught's missiles?
    15. Bruticus11
      Did you get my pm????
    16. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Depends on the material! While white strong and flexible is cheap and fairly durable, it doesn't paint particularly well and requires a bit of sanding.
      I'd recommend white detail or higher, since there are a lot of small details you don't want to loose in a face. I can't guess how much it'll cost until I stick the piece on shapeways for them to calculate the material requirements. I already have a thought on a way to reduce the amount of plastic used, but whether it'll be necessary has yet to be seen.
      If it is, I'll do it but it might mean a day delay or some such. Will need to slice the head up and put the parts on sprues.

      btw, I'm just finishing the comic styled head right now, I'll stick a fresh picture of the finished work in that thread in probably about an hour.
    17. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      I'm almost done with the second, faceplate-less head! I'll put a pic in that thread when it's ready. Then just the collar and neck assembly, and it's done :)

      Sadly I'm a pretty poor bugger, so I won't be able to order any shapeways stuff in for another three weeks (student loan :p ), but you're welcome to test out the parts at material cost if you'd like!
    18. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      No probs, there's a lot we can all learn from looking at other peep's work. It's shown me a fair bit about modelling faces, I'll give Superion minus faceplate a go over the weekend!

      And thanks! The faceplated head is pretty much finished now, just need to render the ball joint and neck and, indeed, get that collar piece done! But those bits shouldn't take long to do, should be all done by Sunday :D
    19. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey! Pop over to this thread if you'd like to see how our little project's coming along. Almost finished head one on the second page, about half way down! :D
    20. nemisispringer
      sorry dude my outbox was clogged its all sorted now
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