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Nov 11, 2019
Mar 25, 2013
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Nov 11, 2019
    1. soundwave142
    2. Devaron9
      Hi, Skype is shite with holiday wifi, confined to tfw as a result
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      2. Devaron9
        Sooo how was your day?
        Aug 11, 2017
      3. Devaron9
        Oh, and can you tell Ranger I need Duela and Necro I need Mysterio in hero
        Aug 11, 2017
      4. Devaron9
        Random question, when you order a "Tall Drink", is that a small one?
        Aug 13, 2017
    3. Olymprix
      Red Robin and the cut-up Amazo are on a roof, TFan. So unless Shazam is carrying the van up to them...
      1. Olymprix
        Also, maybe chill with the poking please? RP'ing isn't a priority for me right now. I'll try to get around to replies in a fairly timely manner, but I'm not gonna go out of my way. The universe does not revolve around my furthering my little piece of the story.
        May 25, 2017
    4. Sigmus Prime
      Sigmus Prime
      Hey TFan, BB8's letting me take Laserbeak from him since he's leaving Colonies. Anything important I need to know about the character?
      1. TFan2013
        Umm. Well he made him kind of condescending toward the other cassettes. That's about it. He wasn't exactly mister popular because of that attitude. I dunno, really didn't like how Laserbeak was portrayed.
        Jan 28, 2017
      2. Sigmus Prime
        Sigmus Prime
        K. If it's all the same to the other participants, I think I'll revert his personality back to what it was in the first Colonies.
        Jan 28, 2017
    5. Olymprix
      Never mind, found it.
    6. Olymprix
      It's nearby, in the main research facility.
    7. Olymprix
      Where do you need Bombshell?
    8. Olymprix
      Fort Max is on Iacon, anxiously awaiting transfer off-world. Knock Out is hanging with Bombshell, helping him make more cerebro shells.
    9. Olymprix
      I hadn't seen your question about Knock Out until today since I was out of town over the weekend. What did you need?
    10. bumblebeej8
      Post? I've been following the bits of the story but I have no clue where to put myself in.
    11. SeanTF1967
    12. SeanTF1967
    13. Olymprix
      No, he's on Cybertron. He just had an interaction with Nightbeat, Siren, and Blurr.
    14. Olymprix
      Since Fort Max is a security officer and Red Alert is the Security Director, should they have some interaction coordinated? And then have Red Alert send him somewhere (either back to Garrus-9 or to some other assignment)?
    15. Sigmus Prime
    16. Sigmus Prime
      Sigmus Prime
      Hey, do you know where Fafire's been lately?
    17. vatarian
      Hey, that's fair, yo. Take your time. It's prolly not gonna launch for a day or so.
    18. vatarian

      Had a roleplay idea, but I kinda want to test interest for it before I actually do anything, so I'm sending this message out to a few relevant peeps. Would you be at all interested in a sort of group-rp where the characters are human(ish) self-inserts with personality-based powers? Everyone would be more or less on the same team, and the themes would generally be survival and self-growth and getting over differences and stuff. At least, at first.

      Let me know.
    19. agentSAP2006
      How long has it been exactly?
    20. agentSAP2006
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    "What gives you better nerd feels than a transforming robot, alien, dinosaur? Why, a transforming robot, alien, dinosaur that turns into a cute cassette!"