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Feb 21, 2024 at 10:14 AM
Oct 21, 2007
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TF rocks

Try and stop me! Studio Trigger for Transformers!, from Planet Earth, Sol System

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Feb 21, 2024 at 10:14 AM
    1. Stonecrusher
      Might wanna alter your last post since both he and I deleted the context of that last little thing.
      1. TF rocks
        TF rocks
        Which one?
        Oct 29, 2017
      2. Stonecrusher
        It was (Mach Dart's hand shot out and grabbed Longshot's arm to keep him in place. "Idiot! Don't stand while the ship is getting to launch position!" He scolded as he made to pull Longshot into the seat next to him.) But something tells me it works for the ship getting moved to the pad nonetheless.
        Oct 29, 2017
      3. TF rocks
        TF rocks
        Okay. Sorry about that. So many posts it's hard to keep track. XD!
        Oct 29, 2017
    2. Galvanitro
    3. Galvanitro
      Posted a new RP; that I think will work really well. Transformers: The Zephyr Code. You may post when you want with your characters (Jetfire & Tai).
    4. Galvanitro
      Here. Evac, Thundercracker, and Tai then?

      What happened to Jetfire and Air Raid? (Nothing wrong with doing something different, just curious)
    5. Galvanitro
      We've decided to reboot the RP, and move the setting back to Earth.

      You may pick up to 3 characters. We're no longer faction-restricted; and if you wanted; you may use up all 3 slots to have a combiner team.

      Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, and the RID Commandos are not available.

      So, Autobot, Decepticon, and Human; you may have three from one; one from each; or any mixture there-in.

      If you do a combiner team; you may also do a human character if you want; as long as the human is opposite alignment.

      (Note: All humans must be OCs; and no TFs may be OCs)
    6. Z.U.D.O.N
      I see. All the best!!
    7. Z.U.D.O.N
      Thanks TFRocks. Yeah it's been too long. Glad to be back. How are you?
    8. Black Oracle
      Black Oracle
      Thank you for asking TF rocks. It has been done.
    9. mirageandjazz11
      Hey is it alright if I joined the foc fabric game of yours? Please I would voice on the autobot side tailgate and on the con side my oc deadput can I asked you or the creator of the page
    10. Galvanitro
      Ignore the post from TFW member Roadrage; he's not a part of the group (Challenger already talked to him)
    11. Galvanitro
      Please try and get your character's goal up as soon as you can; so I can start it ASAP.
    12. Galvanitro
    13. Galvanitro
      We're actually starting over with it; so yes, you can.

      And I will try and get on United again soon. I've just been so busy.
    14. Galvanitro
      Hey. Yes, it is. I'll be posting new assignments on United within the next day or two. (I was hoping to do it yesterday, but got busy)

      The RP is something new that Challenger and I started up.
    15. Galvanitro
      United remeeting is set for tomorrow in the afternoon/evening, is that time good for you?
    16. optimegatron
    17. optimegatron
      Hi, TF.
      Galvanitro's away for the next few weeks, and United has entered hiatus until he returns. Thanks.
    18. Saberfrost01
      I've taken a course in IT maintainace so I know all the ways in which you can get infected. IE being the easiest exploitation for malicious code. Either way fresh Firefox download and all is well I managed to keep my Ad Block Plus from my previous version working aswell. Although my Avast add-in is now buggy. -_-

      Oh the wonders of modern technology.

      And mal-ware coders......
    19. Galvanitro
      Hey could you say if you want any characters for the Season 2 selection?
    20. Galvanitro
      We'd like to have a meeting now, if you guys could join in.
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