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Nov 29, 2020 at 7:49 PM
Jul 2, 2002
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Tekkaman Blade

Professor of Animation, 41, from Georgia

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Viewing forum Transformers 3rd Party Discussion, Nov 29, 2020 at 7:49 PM
    1. Blanco Lobo
      Blanco Lobo
      Hi. Just came across yoir custome He-Man. Do you sell the parts? If so i am interested in buying.
      1. Tekkaman Blade
        Tekkaman Blade
        Just put it together using various parts. A 1/6 seamless muscle body and the chest harness from those giant 12 inch he-man figures, the shield and sword are from shapeways and the head was modded from a head I found for sale. I think the current hair is from the 1/6 he-man. The boots and shorts were put together from some furry clothing and cheap parts I found on e-bay.
        Nov 19, 2020
    2. Arkimus Prime
      Arkimus Prime
      What is that robot in your sig from? It looks really neat.
      1. Tekkaman Blade
        Tekkaman Blade
        Tekkaman Blade,same as the name I use, it was a 90's anime dark reboot of the 70's anime Space Knight Tekkaman, It's not a robot, but a guy in bio armor suit.
        Here is the opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK1Ni3GlEMU. Came out in the states as Teknoman in the late 90's.
        Oct 26, 2020
    3. GoLion
      It is funny to have people tell me I don't know what I'm talking about when I studied marketing psychology in College. Oh well.
    4. Blackout32
      I seen you was from Georgia and thought I would add you cause I'm in Alabama. What part of GA are you from? I'm in the north part of Ala in the middle. I have Huntsville and Florence Ala between me on the map if you have heard of those citys. Hit me up when you get a chance my friend.
    5. Omegashark18
      Unfortunately the comics on the IDW app appear to have disappeared, so there goes that idea. I just keep watching the modern series. I hope I can find the specials that've aired during its run.
    6. Omegashark18
      You happen to be quite the Doctor Who fan, are the comics worth any reading?
    7. QLRformer
      Thank you for pointing out my error. I've fixed it.
    8. Gordon_4
      I just had a look at that Fanmade Akira trailer you posted ages back (I was doing some post backtracking for something else) and holy shit on a shingle! It was fucking perfect; even using the title track from Deus Ex: HR, all the costumes were great, the setting had all the trappings I'd expect from (social strife, gang violence etc). In fact, I reckon if you gave those guys 50 million, and roped in the guy who directed Dredd, they'd create an amazing adaptation.
    9. nobleboivin
      Where can I watch free online episodes of shows like hannibal and game of thrones and walking dead seeing that M2K is down
    10. QLRformer
    11. Optimus1986
      Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I'm a Superman fanboy and I've been terrified he'd just vanish.
    12. Soundwave_X
      going to dragoncon this year?
    13. RodimusDawg
      Hey just popping to see if you pick up the Tekkaman box set. It was at best buy for $13.99 for I think over 40 episodes. I saw that and thought of you. That show was hardcore I remember watching when I was young and being mortified at characters actually dying.
    14. Roddimus Prime
      Roddimus Prime
      i had to befriend you because i luv tekkaman Blade or teknoman as it was called in Aus that show rocked
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