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Jan 13, 2020
Aug 14, 2006
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wherever you are i am not

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Jan 13, 2020
    1. Insecticon
      Oh wow, Metallica had five sold out shows in your city??? That's incredible! We are lucky enough to get one or two around here! I guess it is a matter of going to metal gigs to meet fellow metalheads, I should probably check that out!

      I would love to hear the Lion "Transformers Theme" live. That's cool though that you play TF songs in the club. I wish my local clubs around here can do that.

      I've always wanted to go to Australia, and now that you mentioned it, I would love to visit Melbourne because of the great metal scene. :)
    2. Insecticon
      I'm from Michigan in the United States. Most of the people here either listen to Kid Rock, Eminem, or Taylor Swift :/ It's kinda hard to find metalheads here, especially those who like black metal. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough XD
      I wanna go to where you live, it sounds like an awesome place to get to know fellow metalheads and go to concerts.
      That is awesome that the 1986 movie's songs are being covered by metal groups! Are they done in a more modern style? I'm eager to hear them! :)
    3. Insecticon
      Nice! Sadly I don't know anybody in real life who is a black metal fan :( But it is nice to see a BM fan who is also a TF fan :D
    4. Insecticon
      Hey, nice avatar! Hordalands Doedskvad is one of my favorite albums.
    5. Scorpio
    6. Scorpio
      What job are you after?
      It might be hard in these times (Credit crunch)

      P.s. You can click the view Conversation button so i know when i get a reply
      (If you want to that is) :)
    7. tehCal
      Good I suppose. Just spending the day looking for work! Thanks :D
    8. Scorpio
      Hi there :)

      How are you (If you dont mind me asking)
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