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Full Time Toy Designer, Male, 29

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    1. Soundwave_FSD
    2. Soundwave_FSD
      Which page?I'll "Like" it.

      And Yeah, I remember When People Praised the Idea! Picky little stinkers, aren't they?
    3. Soundwave_FSD
      That is so freaking true. What's the major whinage (<2 pts for new word creation) this time?
    4. Soundwave_FSD
      I haven't posted anything yet. But I'm about to tonight, And it will be like a large dump of art.

      LimaEchoEcho on deviantART

      Awesomeness. You draw bots well. I can't wait to see your new stuff.
    5. Soundwave_FSD
      Indeed. It's helped be quite a bit. Except movie boys usually throw it out the window. Haha. Also, I just signed up for DA. Now I can post all my non-TF related art.
    6. Soundwave_FSD
      I know what you mean. Late last year I started drawing portraits of people, it was fun. I haven't done Any in months, and I don't know why I stopped.
    7. Soundwave_FSD
      That's convenient, and neat! How well do you draw people?
    8. Soundwave_FSD
      At least you enjoy art. But 18? That's quite a bit. What are they for
      The most part?
    9. Soundwave_FSD
      And enjoy your summer break.
    10. Soundwave_FSD
      The last figs I got were blurr and WFC soundwave. My Xbox broke so me and my brother have been saving up for a new one.
    11. Soundwave_FSD
      *sigh* I don't really know. I'll probably just take some classes at Sinclair community college.
    12. Soundwave_FSD
      Haha, I think I've done enough to call myself "Man".
      But I'm good, my last day was Friday, so I am officially graduated.
      I'm also working on a picture that should be done by this weekend. It's TF3 related.
    13. Seth Buzzard
      Seth Buzzard
      Yes, it seems like $50 is about standard for WWRp figures new.
    14. Seth Buzzard
      Seth Buzzard
      The best bet would be to pre-order from the up coming Armstrong wave that will hit (maybe) in July. You'll be lucky to find older ones for less then $75
    15. Swoop Dogg
      Swoop Dogg
      I didn't see Grimlock yesterday when I was at the Eastgate TRU. So I guess he is gone.
    16. Soundwave_FSD
      He is freaking neat little guy. Haha. He has a fun transformation. I think the only bad thing about him is his arms have articulation, but it's constricted.
    17. Soundwave_FSD
      Yeah, I kept getting busier and busier. And TFw became less and less of a priority. Plus with the news fees through FB, I never really had to log on. But I'm back now.
    18. Soundwave_FSD
      Sorry man, I haven't been on here in a while. But life is like that sometimes. But is scourge good?

      Also, I FINALLY got BLURR and SOUNDWAVE!
    19. Soundwave_FSD
      I have seen him, I know! I want to get him
      For vehicle mode display. But he cost soo much monehz
    20. Soundwave_FSD
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