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    1. Arcee Fembot
    2. Superquad7
      Gotcha taken care of! :)
    3. VaderPrime1
      Hey, just saw in a post from March that you got into DAAP for ID. I'm in the same program! I'll be a second year this coming year and I start co-op in the Spring. I'd love to keep in touch and meet up sometime when the new year starts.
    4. Soundwave_FSD
      I'm more "Mid-ohio" just outside dayton. And I would love to go to tfcon, let alone canada.
    5. Soundwave_FSD
      I wish Botcon would come back to cincinatti... or was it in columbus? that was pre tf for me,
    6. Soundwave_FSD
      TFCON!?!?!?!?!??!?! You are so very lucky. If I had money, Well I'd at least consider it. Heck, I don't even have a passport.
    7. Soundwave_FSD
      Not much. Been working alot. Trying to support my addiction to plastic crack... Not working out so well.
    8. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Okie doke, I'll move it over. Make sure you post a couple of TF reviews in there so it doesn't fall foul of our rule on advertising stuff ;)
    9. fakebusker83
      Create sample ball joints of different sizes and investigate! It's the only way.
    10. Soundwave_FSD
      Well, if youre looking for anyone specific, let me know. I'm kinda getting back into collecting now that I'm a bit more financially stable.
    11. Soundwave_FSD
      I'll let you know, should I find another one.
    12. Soundwave_FSD
      Oh no! THat sucks!
    13. Soundwave_FSD
      Guess who just picked up TFP Soundwave?
    14. Soundwave_FSD
      The FYE by me has sonic screwdrivers! but no 9/10... which is what I want...
    15. Vangelus
      I wouldn't go in expecting Kamen Rider, but it's not impossible for it to show up.
    16. Soundwave_FSD
    17. Soundwave_FSD
      You're so charitable... And *ahem* GRAAAAAHUUUHAGAMANANANANANGUHHHAHHHHHHHHHHH! *cough* and dye near me just went out of business and clearance everything! I could have had one for cheap. Oh well, at least now I won't have to pay for shipping online. Thanks for the tip.
    18. Soundwave_FSD
      I'm half way through season 6! I want a sonic screwdriver so bad!

      HFtD bee. Sam has a white t-shirt with like stars and a moon or something... Ad it's armada unicron. Still cool.

      And after school, you get to face the cold cruel world out there! Haha
    19. Soundwave_FSD
      I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who. At season 6 now in under two weeks. Great show. I recently picked up an HA bee... oh, and Unicron! And Life I'd say is pretty good. been working, but that means cash flow, which is good. How about yourself?
    20. Soundwave_FSD
      Nice, nice. Lucky catch. haha
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