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Nov 27, 2021
May 9, 2012
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Tecrom Designs

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Nov 27, 2021
    1. Superquad7
    2. Superquad7
      Hey bud, got your pm and wanted to give you a head's up that I'll reply to you as soon as I can :) Didn't want you to think I'm ignoring ya :wink:
    3. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      I see. I was hoping to request a copy of the file so I could study in in depth. I was not aware of the agreement you are required to make with Shapeways. I understand completely, thank you for your time in any case.
    4. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      Hello sir. I have a request that may sound slightly strange. I have begun a course in 3D modeling and animation in my high school. I have begun working on a series of Transformers models for use in future projects in the second semester.

      I would like to request being allowed to use one of your head models for shapeways as a reference for assisting in my own work. Specifically the G1 Arcee Oracle model.
    5. Tecrom Designs
      Tecrom Designs
      ill have to put those two on the fast track. sales were great when tfp rid arcee was readily available, not anymore though. most tf fans like myself probably just just want plug n play kits.
    6. grunge
      both look great. this would be a good time of year to get that going since christmas is coming and people are more willing to spend money. it seems like renderform never makes enough product if you ask me since his limited runs sell. do your shapeways heads sell well? look at numbers, and think about it. if you hold out too long you'd have to wait for a convention thats more TF focused, and maybe sell there or exclusively through a popular store. im really liking the silver chromia! (even if sort of drift looking.)
    7. grunge
      yes, HOPEFULLY hasbro sends me back a BH Arcee becuase it wasnt easy finding 1. im using it for moonracer.
    8. grunge
      I just mailed my bh arcee back to hasbro so as soon as I get my hands on another I'll see if the prid arcee head fits on the bh version of the mold aince I have 1 floating around somewhere. I don't mind helpi.g at all.
    9. grunge
      i did buy a beast hunters arcee, and beware some come out of the factory with 2 left thighs as mine did. it wont transform with 2 left thighs.
    10. grunge
      did you see the thread i did using the cyrene head for an elita-1?
    11. RobotMalaya
      Hey there!

      Just wondering if you're selling you're customize Fembots head cause I Really would love to buy erm. Im from Malaysia Btw.


    12. MisterGuyMan
      Do you do commissions for statues? I was just browsing the forums and I loved your Greek themed hero statue.

      Send me a PM if interested.
    13. Autobot78
      uhhhhhhh anything you make is awesome. No sane man could say what design of yours is better than another. They are all works of art IMHO :)
    14. Autobot78
      word to the bird brotherman :) ba ba bah bird bird bird, bird is the word (repeat), haven't you heard? the bird is the word bababah bird bird bird :) lol
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