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May 4, 2018
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Mainly lurking these days, Male, 34

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May 4, 2018
    1. bumblebot98
      Happy Birthday dude!
    2. Eric
      You're welcome.
    3. Eric
      :lol Love the "My Little Gokaiger" sig.
    4. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Hey TD! :) Thanks for mentioning Gokaiger in Neo Magazine, been a long time since I read that mag though. :wink: pity they didn't explore Kamen Rider more thoroughly yet, but nice find! :D
    5. bumblebot98
      Is it just my computer, or does nobody have avatars?
    6. bumblebot98
      Nothing much, beating the machine empire much?
    7. bumblebot98
    8. ComicGuy89
      Sigh, it appears that Hobby Link has failed me, even when I requested to ship as soon (along with that pre-arranged PayPal thing) as I did. I've decided to look around other stores, but my chances of getting it are slim now. :(
    9. ComicGuy89
      I'll try, thanks. :D
    10. ComicGuy89
      Thanks, you've helped a lot. Ironically, this time I'd appreciate them shipping out a bit later, so that I can return home in time to receive my item. I'll be paying on time of course, so shipping 3-4 days after that is a pretty good bet.
    11. ComicGuy89
      If you don't mind me asking one last HLJ question, Takara_destron, how soon does HLJ ship after you've paid? Unfortunately, I have a trip next week so I need to know what to expect with regards to the delivery. Thanks!
    12. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      The Jet Scrander is good for the displaying alongisde the Effects, also the other giant fist is also a bit of fun too, though finding it for a low price tag can be tricky so far. I got them together alongside SRC Great Mazinger a few weeks later to try out. But yeah, the Scrander parts are good. Just too great.


      I will be checking on Shinkenger pretty soon, knowing that there's are SHFiguarts figures of just only Shinkenred & Shinkengold are around, with only the others as exclusives.

      Pity you have to hold out on any Kamen Rider related shows for the time being, but at least Kamen Rider W might be the best option to start if you ever decide to watch it. :wink: or for a bit of a laugh, observe Kamen Rider G or any of the live shows on Youtube. :D
    13. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Heya! :) Just wanted to say that you've got a neat Blogspot site! Plenty of reviews, retrospectives and the like. :D

      Also I sympathize with ya on getting only one half of the SRC Mazinger Z set. :( I have the entirety of it, with Jet Scrander and rocket punch effects and spare sword.
      (I might want to put up some images of them again one day. :wink:

      Also you're not alone with looking at Super Sentai & Kamen Rider, I've been watching Kamen Rider W (Thanks to Disney's Tangled, strangely enough) and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger at the moment and both seem brilliant! So want to have any of the SHFiguarts figures of either character.
    14. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Heya! Just wanted to say a Very Merry Christmas to you then! :)
      And hope you have a good day too! :wink:
    15. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Yes, Thank you! I did! :) There were plenty of good moments happening on stage and within the audience, as the likes of Vampire Women, Scarecrows, Judoon, Clockwork Men and Women, Cybermen and the like, whilst a mix of Weeping Angels footage from Series 5 and 2 Actual Angels on top of the stage were interlaced together as they killed off a group of police officers!
      So yeah, I might add some more images on the Thread, if that's ok with you, as the only other real material I've only added on Youtube.
      Still the performance was great and the pyrotechnics were quite hot in between scenes and I've had plenty of great fun watching it! :wink:
    16. Optimus1986
      I greatly appreciate it sir. I hope Pertwee's screwdriver truly comes to fruition...
    17. Optimus1986
      Hey. I haven't had much exposure to Pertwee's Doctor. Can you recommend some good titles?
    18. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      :lolol Well, you actually manage to make it not repetitive. ;)

      Also, I had no idea that your favorite Doctor was Pertwee. That's pretty unusual, most Who fans I know are either 4 or 10 fans.
    19. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Been reading your Who toy reviews, and I gotta say, they're excellent reading. Great job! :thumb
    20. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      I'm ok. Doctor Who is back on the telly and the Jap opening to TFA looks epic!

      Also I've got Blud & Mind in the recent Gallery today. Hope you don't mind popping in & in the Show your TF's with other cool toys thread. :)
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