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Zenryoku zenkai!, from Minnesota

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    1. Bee427
      My MAN! I would shake your hand if I could.
      1. T-Hybrid
        Aaaand a mod came in to stealth edit a post defending myself from being called misogynist. That's weird.
        Apr 28, 2021
      2. Bee427
        Ugh, bummer. But you're right and you should say it.
        Apr 28, 2021
    2. Matt Overholser
      Matt Overholser
      I can PayPal you the money and contactless drop off I’ve got a van with power back door
    3. Matt Overholser
      Matt Overholser
      Hay has someone claimed that overload yet? If the price is still 30 I’ll take it.
    4. Soundwavelover2004
      Happy bday hope you have a great day
    5. Cloudraker
      Well done in sightings! Thanks a lot.
    6. Fenrys
      Dude just gotta day, I’m loving your posts in the primal upgrade thread
    7. AutobotAvalanche
      With how often you're on top of all the news and speculation for new figures and how genuinely interested you seem, I gotta wonder. Roughly how big is your collection?
    8. grimlockprime
      was wondering if you were still interested in commissioning the magnaboss trio?
    9. GoLion
      I agree. It's something we have to continue talking about when divisive attitudes where we find them.
    10. Fallout
      yeah. maybe not for tf's but for some other franchise, lol.
    11. Fallout
      i don't really like the rid guys. don't like how autobots are humanoid and decepticons are all conspicuously earth animals. i'm talking a whole line of rotf guys like the constructicons. weird monstrous forms for autobots and decepticons. like, they're still fighting their war on earth, but they can't speak human languages so we're just watching these aliens fight their civil war on earth with no real distinction who's good or bad.
    12. Fallout
      if transformers don't have gender we should just make them completely alien monsters without any humanoid elements or voices.

      that would actually be a really cool series...
    13. Fallout
      why doesnt my victorion have robotiddies real robot gurls have human figures
    14. GoLion
      Good post in the Victorian thread. Thanks!
    15. [Wing_Saber-X]
      T, Automorpher's from Asia, and so am I. We are lucky to get those called Takaratomy Mall "exclusives" in bunches, due to our ties with Hasbro Asia. So its not limited, and second I only spent 90USD for Guardian/ Defensor...
    16. Ejector369
      Did you get my private message about Transmetal Rhinox?
    17. Ejector369
      Hey, I noticed that your Wanted List included the original variant of Beast Wars Deluxe Transmetal Rhinox. Lucky for you I happen to have one in sealed condition. Please PM me for more details. Thanks!
    18. eagc7
      Wait wait...the new Transformers movie comes out in just over a month and we're only NOW casting the TRANSFORMERS in a TRANSFORMERS movie!?

      This is why nobody likes you Michael Bay. This right here.
      Not exactly, i am pretty sure they were already cast for months, they're just annoucing them right now, just because they were announced yesterday doesnt they were just cast. example the entire ROTF voice cast was announced till June 20, 2009, 4 days before the film release and its pretty obvious the voice work was already done by then.

      an non-tf example, in the next Jurassic Park movie we already have a director, who was announced in 2013, but said director was already hired in 2012. but was announced till 2013
    19. eagc7
      How is Sideswipe not in this when they're still using the Stingray? Does Hasbro have a trademark about to expire that they need to slap on this mold?
      its just because they want to get rid of most of the 2007-2011 trilogy cast (expect Optimus and Bee). and replace them with new characters. also mainly because (if i am not wrong) Hasbro thinks the sales of DOTM werent great as the ones for ROTF because they all had the same characters in each toyline, so they want new characters for sell new toys
    20. ChampCVU
      yeah ur right but ill find u no matter what since ur my 4th member we need all the help we can get to reach top 100
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