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Mar 29, 2005
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Apr 7, 2015
    1. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Happy birthday to you too! Good luck to get your gift soon! By the way, right before New Year the weather was classic - with light frost and snow but now there is thaw and snow melt:(
    2. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Hello! Happy New Year from Russia! Yow are you today? Do you get Platinum Dinobots pack?:D
    3. thenatureboywoo
      Happy New Years! I miss seeing all your pictures, but you are still one of the coolest guys on here. Have fun.
    4. Aernaroth
      I just don't delete things. I wish my mailbox was as big as yours. It's clear now.
    5. Mixmaster
      Thanks Syd.
    6. archieboy
      Thanks man. I recently got hooked, and the weaker JPY did not help. I started with DMZ 1/18s, and then Bandai 1/20 kits. Now I'm neck deep in Yamato 1/12s. My next project is a weathered Purple Bear from a Melquiya Scopedog and the extra visor from Strong Bacchus.

      I loved your old posts in the Votoms thread in Toyark, too bad almost no one posts anymore.
    7. Mechafire
      Sydney is the worst guy on the internet :mad
    8. Mechafire
      Sydney is the best guy on the internet!
    9. Mixmaster
      Thanks. Wifey's doing well, very well, she and my son were discharged only after 2 days in hospital. Aside from the stitches in the abdomen, and some soreness, she's more mobile than she was during pregnancy.
    10. Mixmaster
      The 20th was the scariest day of my life. During labour my son was deemed to be in danger, so my wife had to have emergency caesarean section. I thought I'd might lose both of them, but mum and baby are doing fine now.
    11. Mixmaster
      It's been a long few days, longer for my wife; 76 hours in labour and counting.
    12. Mixmaster
      Well, my son has decided he wants out now...
    13. Mixmaster
      My son hates bells and supermarket checkout beeps already already, he kicks everytime, it's pretty funny.
    14. Mixmaster
      Ah poop, so much poop to look forward to, I don't know if we'll persevere with the cloth nappies, but we'll try.

      I'm kind of in limbo at work, there are things I need to finish before I leave on Paternity Leave, but I know can't get finished. I won't be back to work for 4 weeks, which is great I have to say.
    15. Mixmaster
      Thanks Syd, his due date is the 19th, so very soon. We are going to try a mixture of cloth nappies and disposable, cloth at home, disposable when out or at my parents. We'll see how that turns out lol.
    16. Aernaroth
      Yeah, that's not gonna work I don't think. Might just have to keep them as scripts below the pages.
    17. Aernaroth
      Yeah, the thread is in movie forum.

      Why not use tinyurl to shorten the links. thats what people use on twitter.
    18. Aernaroth
      I think it's a fan comic / doujinshi. I dunno, Red Goblin might know more than me.

      I'd be fine with help refining the dialogue on that, and on those beast wars 4koms.
    19. archieboy
      Haha, thanks Syd. Main reason why I made that was that I did not have enough money for Botcon Primal. :)
    20. Aernaroth
      Not to oblige you or anything, but do you think there'd be any point in translating this?

      Would it be bad form to do so without the artist's consent?
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