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Rogue Stunticon, from Abbotsford, BC

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    1. clonemanager
      Sy-Rein, YOU ARE THE MAN !!! Your help once, I owe you lifetime !!
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I hope I will be able to find a Megatron for myself when the line goes "Official" in the UK sometime before the 15th feb at least.

      It's a terrible shame that the UK isn't going to get any of the First Edition toys so I just hope they might show up in one place at retail in America (since they are usually cheapest place) or Asia and someone can hook me up. I really do not want to be paying £35.00 for Bulkhead and Optimus and £20.00 for Starscream if I can help it since now I know I'll have to be looking for several Deluxes 2 Voyagers, 2 Entertainments packs, and some Japanese exclusives like the vehicon and Zombie Cliffjumper too.

      I'll have to try to minimise the cost if I have to get all that. It's a shame that someone in China has not thought to try to sell people the whole lot in one go at a good price for all the Europeans who will miss out.

      I will be interested to see what the RID Bulkhead 2.0 looks like though and if he will have a light up blaster or Wrecking ball..

      Anyway I'm glad you found your trade OK in the end and I hope you find Megatron a good toy.
      I wonder if the Takara one will be shiny silver - he'd look even more excellent if he is. I look forward to enjoying more Prime toys myself in the coming weeks (assuming I can find them - laugh).
    3. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Nothing so far I got the shop to ring around for me and all the closest 4 stores only have Poweriser Optimus who is packed 3-1 with Megatron. NO Deluxes at all not even the endless Bumblebee you might expect the only thing that might be a bit easier to get is the Cyberverse stuff but it looks like it will be some days or longer before there's any changes - many of the items come up as out of stock in the warehouse.

      I'll let you know if that changes but in the mean time if some one offers you something I suggest you take it. as I might be many days before they show up around here though the official UK release starts from next week so if you still want one then they may be available then.

      But do not be surprised if they end up so late that they show up in Canada/American by the time they are hear in bigger numbers. The argos wave was just a preview release.

      But I did read Botshot have just come out in another store "ASDA" and new Star Wars stuff so there's a chance the others might show up in other store next week.
    4. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hi, I'll do my best If I can't get one locally (they might all be Poweriser Optimus that comes in say) I can try further a field stores later if I have no luck locally, most of the Argos stores say they will restock Voyagers on Wednesday.
      If you want a Wheeljack I'll do my best - If you want to do a straight swap I don't have any First Edition Deluxes either I'm especially interested in Cliffjumper & Arcee, But Starscream would also be fine.
      If someone else beats me to finding one don't feel any obligation to wait for my hunting, But I'll be happy to help if I can.
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hi, My local Argos should have some more Powerisers & Deluxes on Tuesday so If you are interested to swap for Bulkhead or anything else please let me know 'if someone does not beat me to it'.
    6. Transmetal003
      Pm sent about WFC prime and megs
    7. ThornOfUnicron
      Just letting you know I added my review of Windcharger to the topic
    8. eagc7
      sicne u want ha miekala but yo udont want to get ha skids, but dotn you go the wanted items on the Junkion Exchange forum and ask somebody to send you a mikeala fig
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