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    1. Swoop
      Pics sent, thought I'd done it already!
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      May I ask did you send the pictures or did my spam filter eat them ?

      I look forward to hearing from you.
    3. Swoop
      Let me know your email addy and il send those pics
    4. Swoop
      BTs and Henkeis are all boxed and complete with instructions and accessories. Jazz has a couple of chips around the joins (will get a pic later) and seem to remember Skids having one sticker peeling at the end.

      Alts are all complete with weapons and instructions, but some are loose. Classics are all loose complete
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Thanks for the reply.
      I was wondering some photos of the items are possible at all ?
      And details as to if the items are unopened or opened and if opened what's included.

      I'm sorry to ask I just was curious if the chips you mentioned were the ones they tend to pick up at the joins and panel gaps or if they were on the main body panels in obvious places.

      I'd like to buy some items but would appreciate a little more info if possible please.
    6. Swoop
      Hi, all available inc Alt Jazz/MP Hot Rod, etc. BT Jazz is the white version.
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Sorry My messages are nearly full I'm interested in :

      BT Jazz 35.00 (couple of paint chips)
      BT Skids 25.00
      BT Prowl 25.00 (police car deco)
      united jazz £22

      If some of them are gone then I might be interested in Alt Jazz and MP Hot Rod or possibly Swerve instead.

      Also is that The white jazz or the silver "Agent" version ?

      Thanks for your time.
    8. Swoop
      Hi, prices are now in the uk thread :-)
      All complete and MIMB unless stated otherwise.
    9. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Off the top of my head:
      BT :Arcee, jazz, prowl (white),
      Alt; jazz, camshaft, swerve, mirage.
      Classics : united jazz.

      I would like to ask your prices on the above items please as wall as any details relevant like if anythings is missing or modified and if they come with any or all packaging or instructions etc...

      Also you mentioned a Alt or BT Smokescreen which version is that please ?

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    10. sokutai
      hello was pointed to you from Satomiblood said you were looking for a mp thundercrakcer I have one and am willing to ship internationally your pm box was full though
    11. Swoop
      Still can't find Mirage after a good look round :(

      LMK if you still want Prime and Prowl.
    12. Swoop
      Nt had a chance to look yet, will try tonight
    13. nemisispringer
      Hey dude did you manage to find those alts?
    14. nemisispringer
      Thats fine dude i only want one mirage lol. When you dig out Mirage, Prime and prowl PM me your paypal adress along with the total bill and i'll get the payment straight to you as a gift.
    15. Thenames9
      PM'd you about Blackarachnia and Swoop :)
    16. Swoop
      Got to dig out Mirage, he's around somewhere, but I can only find one right now.

      Postage will probably be £6.
    17. nemisispringer
      Ok dude well that sounds great also intrested in alternators prime how much will postage be for the three?
    18. Swoop
      Eh, guess Paypal is OK as long as there's no fee.
    19. nemisispringer
      intrested in alt prowl and mirage. However i think you mentioned before you dont use paypal. What payment methods do you accept?
    20. Swoop
      Thrust! Just realised he's missing too!

      £10 inc the pair?
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