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    1. Switchblade
      Not sure about Acid Storm. I'm kind of tempted to get him and just call him Thundercracker (significantly cheaper than shilling out $70+ for the Henkei version). I do plan to get all of the new molds, though, with the possible exception of Powerglide (just can't make up my mind about that guy. If I do get him, it'll be the red Henkei version). Everything else is an instant sell, though.
    2. Razorbeast
      Sorry dude :(

      Oh, man. I cannot wait for Universe Bluestreak!!!
      A couple years(2004) ago I got the G1 reissue Bluestreak for christmas and it has been one of my favorite figures. Now I get to have an updated version! :D :D

      What Universe figs you after? Acid Storm?
    3. Switchblade
      Yeah. Target had a few of them for awhile, but none now.
    4. Razorbeast
    5. Razorbeast
      Yeah. I told you mine was the very last one in the store right?
    6. Switchblade
      I do plan on getting him, but he seems to be really popular - it's hard to find him anywhere.
    7. Razorbeast
      Sweetness. If you find Grimlock anywhere: BUY HIM!
      He is awesome. The little quirk with the figure is the big gap in his chest in beast mode.
      But otherwise Grimlock= pure animated win :thumb

      Me wantee Starscream baaaaad :(
    8. Switchblade
      Pretty good. The legs have all the standard joints (hips and knees) and the arms have about seven or so points each, including the "fingers." The head and waist are fixed. He looks good in both modes, and the mace is a fun little accessory.

      The only major downside is that the canopy tends to be floppy unless you open up his torso and adjust a couple of internal screws. That's a bit of a pain if you aren't used to opening figures (and a bit hard even then, as his automorph gears are in there and need to be kept in line).

      I like him as much as my other Animated purchases (Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Prowl, Voyager Optimus, Ratchet, Blackarachnia, and Starscream). The line has been hit after hit so far. A few of them didn't really impress me at first, but they've all grown to be personal favorites (especially Prime).

      But if you're in the market for a Voyager, I'd probably say go for Optimus or Starscream before Lugnut. Optimus is an amazing toy, and Starscream has one of the best jet alt modes I've ever seen.
    9. Razorbeast
      Hmm, I've had mixed feeling about Lugnut. I don't like the way his head looks, but i guess i'll have to see it in person to make a better judgement.
      Is he fairly poseable?
    10. Switchblade
      Classics 2.0 has been popping up in TRUs all over the country (including Decorah). I'd assumed they would be here, too, and was quite disappointed.

      Got Lugnut from Target instead. Pretty cool figure once you poke around inside and fix the canopy (had to loosen the screw on the left side, tighten the one on the right. Craziness, I tell ya).
    11. Razorbeast
      What? Aw, though I didnt think Classics 2.0 would be released this early?
      Hmm, thanks for the heads-up thought :thumb

      Yeah, even Fraction on his own is pretty fun. The second Iron Man title that Marvel launched is written by him with the art provided by Salvador Larroca :P
    12. Switchblade
      I've thought about it recently, actually. Brubaker and Fraction are a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to them teaming up on Uncanny X-Men.

      Oh, I don't know if you've checked or even thought about it, but TRU by Westdale doesn't have the new Classics yet. :(
    13. Razorbeast
      Me too!!
      My first issue of his run on CA was #35. After that I got #36 and then the hardcover collection of "death of the dream".
      Also have #s 37 and 38. It's just wonderful :)

      If you enjoy Brubaker, I would reccomend getting the first volume of Immortal Iron fist. Pure win that book is :P
    14. Switchblade
      I've been to Alter Ego a few times, but I mostly get my comics through other channels. I read a lot of DC stuff and a little bit of Marvel (mostly just the X-Men books, although I'm quite enjoying Brubaker's Captain America).
    15. Razorbeast
      Hey dude!!
      Yeah, I was just cruisin' the graphic novel/comic book thread in general discussion and I came across the Atsonishing X-men thread.
      I didn't know you were a comic book geek too!!!!!
      Though i should have guessed :P lol

      Do you know Alter Ego in marion? My dad and I go there all the time.

      What other titles do you buy?
    16. Razorbeast
      I'm staving off of bumblebee until i get the elite guard recolor :P
    17. Switchblade
      I really like Ratchet. Probably the best looking Animated deluxe I own. I hear good things about Cybertron mode Optimus and Prowl, but of the ones I personally own, I'd have to say Ratchet.
    18. Razorbeast
      Ooh, good plan.

      What would you recommend for my next pickup?
      I would probably be bale to afford on one deluxe class.
    19. Switchblade
      Got Ratchet and Voyager Optimus in the last few days. I'm trying to pace my collecting so I don't get everything I want all at once and have to wait for more.
    20. Razorbeast
      Okay. Awesome!!

      And thanks!
      Nab any more Animated figs?
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