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Jun 18, 2024 at 9:03 PM
    1. Razorbeast
      Thankfully :p

      The wal-mart in Hiawatha had the Marvel crossovers Iron Man and Venom if you was interested. Lulz
    2. Switchblade
      Well, it looks like Target is getting smart. They had a bunch of stuff on clearance tonight. Mostly crap like the keychains and Optimus blaster, but they're still working on getting it gone.
    3. Razorbeast
      Grrr, even still, thought they are releasing, not one, not two, but THREE new TF lines, they still cling to the movie figures.
    4. Switchblade
      Yeah. The one here has first wave Animated and a bunch of old movie crap.
    5. Razorbeast
      Aw, that's too bad. At first I thought they didnt have him. But he was buried under some voyager class stuff :P

      Have you checked any TRUs'?
    6. Switchblade
      Congrats. :thumbs2:

      I did a bit more searching for Octane yesterday, but am still coming up with nothing.
    7. Razorbeast
      I got Lockdown at the Wal-mart in Hiawatha!!!!! LOCKDOWN!!! He is amazing!!
      And he was the LAST ONE :bay :bay
    8. Razorbeast
      Yeah. When I first saw the new classics, I was excited for 'em. But not nearly as excited for animated.
      Haha, I keep asking myself: "what is about TF:A that makes it so awesome?"
    9. Switchblade
      He's about the size of Unicron or Ultimate Bumblebee. Just freaking massive.

      If you want Lockdown, go to Toys R Us, they have several of the guy. It looks like the Wal-Marts got stuck with a bunch of the wave 2 deluxes, as the Hiawatha and Westdale ones only have BA and Ratchet, too (and Target can't keep deluxes in stock).

      I did find the new Classics at the Westdale Wal-Mart this afternoon. They had four each of Prowl and Sunstreaker. No Octane, sadly. :( I got Prowl and Streaker, though. I like them both a lot, but not quite as much as my recent Animated purchases.
    10. Razorbeast
      Sorry dude, that sucks. When I went to wal-mart with some of my friends the other night i was excited to get Animated Lockdown, but all they had were Ratchet and BA. I've been interested in both of the em, but I want to get the ones I really know I want out of the way first LOL

      About how big is Supreme Prime? Is he much bigger or about the same size as Supreme Screamer from Cybertron?
    11. Switchblade
      Wave 2 is already out. BA and Ratchet have been out for months and Prime has been out for a few weeks now. Wave 2 Leaders isn't due for awhile, especially with wave 1 just trickling out.

      I stopped by the Wal-Mart in Hiawatha tonight. They had tons of new stuff: Supreme Animated Optimus (insanely huge), Leader Bulkhead, at least one Crossover, new Robot Heroes - everything except the new Classics. :banghead: I guess I'll have to stop by Westdale on the way home from work tomorrow.
    12. Razorbeast
      Wave 2 for Animated is supposed to hit in July right?
    13. Razorbeast
      I got him at the Wal-mart in marion. I thinks blairs-ferry?
    14. Switchblade
      Where'd you find him?
    15. Razorbeast
      I got Universe-Classics Prowl last night!!!!
      He is the sweetness!!!!
    16. Razorbeast
      Yeah, I dunno why, but I was already leaning toward Animated Magnus more. The City commander armor looks awesome, but going through the hassle of trying to secure Classics magnus and THEN importing the armor set = LOSE.

      Animated Magnus with his huge hammer = WIN.
    17. Switchblade
      I'm not really interested in either, actually, so I really can't give a recommendation. I'd probably go with the Animated Mags, as he's cheaper and more readily available.

      I do have a Classics Magnus, by the way. I put some extra paint on him and he looks much better now. I still think Skywarp was the better figure in the pack, though.
    18. Razorbeast
      Thanks dude :P

      Which do you think would be cooler to have? The city commander armor set for Classics Magnus, or Animated Magnus? They both look badass, but I dunno which one i want more. Plus i dont even have Classics Magnus :lol
    19. Switchblade
      They're either wave 2 or wave 3. I'm honestly not sure.
    20. Razorbeast
      Yeah, I really want to get the Henkei Powerglide. I would like to get Onslaught too but it will be the American release.
      Which wave will Sideswipe and Bluestreak be in?
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