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Jan 1, 2014
Sep 14, 2009
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Swiftcat Prime

Good always triumphs!

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Jan 1, 2014
    1. jgoss
      hi hope you doing ok! i was wonder if you have ever been on fan fiction?
    2. deltaprime
      Good for you for sharing God's Word with this guy! He sounds pretty cool. Japan would be amazing to go to. Hope you get to someday! I think if I were to visit another country, it would probably be Germany.
      Also, I'm sorry it took a while for me to respond. Since we are in the last two weeks of play practice, things have gotten hectic and I haven't been able to keep up with everything. I still need to catch up with Lee/Soundwave_FSD too!
    3. deltaprime
      Excellent choice! I don't know what I'm doing for Halloween this year. I actually get that night off from play practice, which is nice. So do you have a Cake the Cat to go with it too?
      A pen pal, that's cool! How did that get started? Wait, you've already been to Japan?
      I'm definitely going to try to sneak that voice in as I narrate. During the final showing, we're able to improv a bit more than normal.
      Oooooooh tiny baby! I do enjoy tiny babies. Toddlers, not as much, but babies are cool.
    4. Swiftcat Prime
    5. deltaprime
      Wow, sounds like you've been busy too! I've seen some of your art and cosplays on Facebook-it's pretty impressive! Your drawing is far better than anything I could accomplish too. I like to think I'm getting better, but I'm *probably* not.

      Yep, Into the Woods, about a bunch of fairytales coming together and what happens after they find their Happily Ever Afters. I get to be the narrator!

      Sounds pretty busy, with all that company! Any plans with them?
    6. moreprimeland
      Gosh, I haven't been on in a while.... thanks for the link...got to work on some stuff tonight, but will read asap. :)
    7. jgoss
      doing good haven't heard from you in awhile how are you?
    8. deltaprime
      Well that's a nice blast from the past! Haven't heard from Swiftcat in a while-the character or the person for that matter!

      Things are going really well for me right now. Sophomore year of college and I'm actually doing well in my classes! I'm involved in another musical again, and I have a girlfriend right now. So life is pretty nice. I've been expanding my story's universe more and more too. There's so much to get down!

      So how are things going for you?
    9. SavageThunder
      I don't have that kind of focus! Wish I did!
    10. SavageThunder
      I cant come up with chapters to my stories already posted, but by primus I sure as heck can come up with new story ideas n never finish em. It drives me slagging nuts! And anytime, ill support ya!
    11. SavageThunder
      If that made any sense at all....
    12. SavageThunder
      I will always give a fellow writer and tf fan support of the good kind. And being in trouble for reading to much, I gotta say that I am always enthusiastic to read something new.
    13. SavageThunder
      Not sarcasm either!!!
    14. SavageThunder
      Awesomely slagging fantastic!!!!!!!!
    15. jgoss
      hey swiftcat just wondering how you are doing?
    16. rewindprime
    17. eagc7
      hey, remember me?
    18. rewindprime
    19. cory1986
      Your welcome. I enjoy reading Transformers stuff like that.
    20. cory1986
      I just read some of your ff and it was awesome Swifcat Prime.
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