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Sep 19, 2013
Jun 28, 2008
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Sep 19, 2013
    1. DiamondTiara
      Hope you return someday.
    2. Grimmjow
      So...long time no talk, eh?
    3. Fallout
      merry christmas surge :)
    4. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      It's raining Autobots. :p
    5. Grimmjow
      No spoilers please, I'll be taking a break from Bleach for a bit so the manga can catch up some more here in America. BTW, skipping the Fullbringer arc was a bad idea. It's not that boring, & definitely not full of filler. It's a bit slow at first, but it gets good.
    6. Meta777
      Huh, really? I always got more frustrated when playing with others, because it was generally my older bro/cousin who played better than me :lol

      Reminds me of playing ROTF; generally, I end up stuck with useless teammates who'd sooner run straight off the edge than do something useful. But one teammate wasn't playing, AFC, so, despite my lust for battle, I stayed behind to protect him. The enemies kept trying to kill that guy, cuz he can't fight back, but every time they tried, I ambushed and murdered them. I made sure my inactive buddy didn't die once.

      Funny how a statue proved more helpful to me than the mobile ones :lol
    7. Meta777
      Cut? You addicted the poor thing to Cut? You monster :P

      Yeah, the earlier generations made you wait a long time for good stuff :lol

      I got frustrated in my younger years, yes, but I never threw my stuff. No matter how mad I got, my mother's legendary wrath kept my own wrath in check :lol
    8. Meta777
      Your Articuno is lvl 61. The next offensive Ice-type move it will learn is Blizzard. At level 73. 0_0

      Nidoqueen: "You don't understand! The Strength gave me strength, man! I WAS SO STRONG! STRENGTH!"
    9. Meta777
      Well, you've beaten the Elite Four before, so I'm confident you can do it again.

      I know Gary will have a Venusaur, considering your Blastoise, so pwn that thing with Articuno, who could also whip that Pidgeot he has. Raichu can kill his Gyarados, Blastoise will pwn Rhydon and his Fire-type, and I think his last one was Alakazam, so maybe get your strongest guy (Or Articuno, legend-bird FTW) to kill that thing :D
    10. Meta777
      Woo-hoo, Surge! :D

      Ah, excellent! Kabutops is an awesome Poke :D What's your whole team?

      Well done on beating the E4, but GARY FREAKING OAK! Argh! I hate that guy so much. Promise me you'll make him suffer :D
    11. Grimmjow
      So, haven't talked in a while...since we last talked about Bleach, I'd like to let ya know I've read all the way through volume 54, so I'm done with the Fullbringer arc.
    12. Meta777
      Woo-hoo, presents! Nice haul you got this year! Toy Story 3 was a gorgeous film, and, hot damn, Vader on drums? Awesome :lol

      Yippee, Pokemon! Kabuto's an awesome lil' chap. If you have an EXP share, slap it on him and have your main guys fight tough-nuts to give him some extra points. If not, either send him out first against a tough-nut and switch out so he can still gets points without having to risk dying for it, or just keep grinding :lol

      I got chocolate, sweets, DR PEPPER YAY, a new shaver, pyjamas and some headphones for my laptop! A simple yet sweet haul for me, Meta :D
    13. Meta777
      Happy New Year! :D
    14. Meta777
      Yippee! :D

      Oh, don't worry; it is at least shorter than the other one :lol

      So, did you get anything great for Christmas?! :D
    15. Meta777
      Woo-hoo! MERRY CHRISTMAS, Surge! :D

      Here's a gift from me, Meta, to you!: Captivating, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

    16. Meta777
      It was fun! Mum bought me a pizza and Dr Pepper, which I have of course annihilated XD

      I've been having fun playing Halo 4 and Halo Wars as well, and it's all good at my end :D

      How have you been?
    17. The Bucket Kitten
      The Bucket Kitten
      The one with blue hair is Remilia Scarlet, and the other one is Flandre Scarlet.
      Since I'm lazy, here are two links which explains who they are. The links will do a better job than I will.


    18. Meta777
      That's good; it's nice that it appeals to you so much :D I like the show a lot too; there's plenty of fun and action to be had, methinks :D

      Starscream's right back at home, with his T-cog, command status and lovely warship. After scrounging around, humiliated and often attacked, he's pull a 180 and returned to glory :D

      My personal guess is that he's buried under the rubble, either injured or in stasis. And until someone visits the rubble, no-one's gonna find the poor sap. I anticipate Season3 in the hopes it will tell me :D
    19. Meta777

      I share your pain, Surge; I'm gonna miss my weekly dose of da robots doing cool stuff. Still, it was tons of fun while it was here, and Season 3 will soon come and, like, blow our minds! :D

      I loved it as well; Megatron's speech to his troops, Ratchet's heartbreaking speech, Starscream being quite psychotically awesome, Wheeljack's rescue, Fowler being awesome- GAH! So much awesome in one sitting! :D
    20. Meta777
      Yep, incase some don't know it by now, I love this version of Bumblebee. Sue me.
      Consider yourself sued, punk.

      LOL, kidding! How you been, Surge? :D
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