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May 19, 2003
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Sep 20, 2020 at 9:59 PM
    1. moreprimeland
      YOU started this one, not me!! :p


      Did I go too far???
    2. rxlthunder
      Can I talk to you an extremely private matter and truth that I may have accidentaly discovered?
    3. LamboTwinLove
      Awesome! I will send Dion Monday! And I'll remember to get DC this time!
    4. LamboTwinLove
      That I am. He's been my favorite since I was a little kid. Can't wait to get a hold of his MP figure. Just wish he came with a jet pack.

      And the sketch is awesome! I'm putting it in my art binder with all my con art to keep it safe.
    5. ScottyP
      I can do a trade, sounds fun! lmk when/where, your schedule is a lot more fickle than mine.
    6. LamboTwinLove
      Hey! I got your package today, Sideswipe looks awesome and thank you for the drawing! That was awesome to see in there! Very awesome. I will be leaving you feedback shortly!
    7. jaiba6
      Hi there superquad long time just hardly have time to be here or do customs anyways i am trying to find where i can put a thread on selling some of my masterpieces and customs it hurts departing from them but hard times require it. Please help me find where to post my transformers for sale
    8. LamboTwinLove
      Awesome! I will let you know, might have it waiting when I get home from work today. No problems, right? I was a little iffy about the bubble envelope but he was not big enough to really justify a box. And again, sorry for forgetting to get Delivery Confirmation. I'm usually more on the ball but was rushing so my co worker wasn't just sitting in my car.
    9. Hambo
      Hey, got my barricade yesterday and i love it, thank you! Now you wouldn't happen to have an H.A mudflap and soundwave yet for me! Lol
    10. AutobotJazz1
      Thanks for accepting:) Also pleased to meet you.
    11. LamboTwinLove
      Hey! Just wanted to let you know I got your package out today, but I forgot to get a DC confirmation. I had one of my coworkers with me because her car wouldn't start. So I was rushing to not leave her in the car. I'm really sorry I forgot that, but I have the receipt if you need to see that.
    12. moreprimeland
      Yeah, with TFP, I waited until the S1 DVD came out on BR, and bought a reg. DVD for my nephew. I have a DVDRecorder so I can record my own DVD until the real thing is released, that way I don't have to get too excited about the 7 ep or 5 ep ones...just wait for the entire season. :thumb
      As for the TC DVD books...I was worried that we may never see a complete season, so I'm buying the books...if we do, I will get that as well and pass on the books to my nephew. Thankfully, they'll have a home too. :D
    13. moreprimeland
      Then turn your DVR on and watch them. :popcorn

      Did you order any of the DVD TC books?, I have 1 & 2, and preordered 3.
    14. moreprimeland
      :lol Grrrrrrr...yeah, it's all on me....but you see that little ABC with the checkmark? ^^^^ It's for times like that.
    15. Falconhood
      well, i keep getting CHEAP lots on eBay so if you also need any, i'll have some extras. It's cheaper to get a lot with the same vehicles you already have, than to single out just the ones you need.
      Although, Rhino keeps escaping me. There was a great lot last night that finished, had RHINO, and my bid for $35 was topped by 1 stinking dollar. grrrrrr..... I guess it's all good, all the cars in the lot(4 of them) were dusty. They were almost complete, but dusty, and cleaning the dust/dirt out of all those crevices would be a nightmare.
    16. LamboTwinLove
      Awesome! I have the minicon Offshot (Finally remembered his name lol) in my purse and will be mailing him off on my lunch break. Thanks for trading with me!
    17. moreprimeland
      Okay, so give me the bomb, I can handle it! :D

      You guys just need to learn how to spell canceled...or use spell check. :p
    18. Falconhood
      hey, also, do you collect the Japanese stickers, like those american book ones?
    19. Falconhood
      hey, did you say you had some extra MASK stuff? i'm sure glad i never got rid of that green truck, i was going to, and then i resisted..and it's one of my fave MASK (g2) vehicles...Raven will always be #1.
      Anything on my FOR SALE thread worthy of trading for any of it?
    20. Maz
      Hey man, do you have a nice hi-res image of a bubble-box Alternators Meister you can provide for an upcoming article? Cheers in advance for your time mate!

      All the best
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