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Jul 14, 2020 at 3:24 AM
    1. Vaikyuko
      It's looking like end of April, the 26th / 27th. So exactly one month from now assuming everything goes ideally (and I'm making preparations already, so it should go just fine). I don't mind sending you the amount and you holding it, if that's a preferred method. :)
    2. Trailbreaker77
    3. Dark Skull
      Dark Skull
      Aw no worries man. I've more or less turned into an MP/3P collector. I don't even know if I'll even collect the Generations line anymore after this year.
    4. NCStarscream
      Hey, nice to hear from you. I'm good except my car keeps giving me fits and is in the shop for the second time in three months because of fairly important parts breaking on it (in January I was out running errands and when I got in after one stop it refused to start; a few days ago in the same scenario I got in and it started but wouldn't shift out of park). So that's not fun.

      Otherwise I'm fine. I'm still working at that Target full time but I primarily work logistics there now, so I'm usually off the sales floor. I may well have been there when you were, there's just not as much of a chance to run into me.

      I am still collecting and keeping an eye on TFW, I just post on the forums much more infrequently, partly because my TF collecting specifically has decreased - the quality of the toys relative to the price they're asking simply isn't at an acceptable level to me overall. Still psyched about TF4 and Dinobots and all that good stuff.

      Hope you're doing well. Holler at me any time.
    5. AutobotJazz1
      I shall make the right one. Thanks:)
    6. agentSAP2006
      I borrowed your gif of Robocop from the what you got for Christmas thread. Is that okay? I could find one anywhere else.
    7. Snake_eyes1975
      did not end up doing that one. sorry. wanted to..didn't have time.
    8. Highburn
      Could you rename it FOC NEXUS PRIME (WIP) please?
    9. Highburn
      I put a post up in creative discussions...I updated it a few minutes ago, but I’m thinking I should have put it in the Radicons section. Anyway to move it there if it belongs there?
    10. Ranger Silver 6
    11. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      Afraid not. I tried, but they were not very well made so I put vectors on the backburner
    12. Snake_eyes1975
      Im pretty sure I only need a few to complete the non HTF ones. I think its camshaft, battle ravage, and one more, I have to look
    13. doucoo
      Can't but agree with you. I liked all the modern gadgets so he could track criminals etc and there was some nice touches but the original had so much more. I loved the original gun, just how it looked and sounded so amazing and the way you saw it being stored in the leg. This film seemed to just gloss over weapons, probably due to the certificate.

      I felt you also didn't really hate the bad guy like you did Boddicker. The bad guy also got taken out rather easily, even though they had blacked out the place and Robocop had a big light on his visor!

      Thought the whole thing with his wife and child worked better in the first one too

      Ah well, there is always TF 4 to look forward too...........will go along with so much hope and enjoy it for what it is but it will never have the impact or be as good as the 86 movie.


    14. doucoo

      Just wondering about your thoughts on the new Robocop film?


    15. twiztidRodimus
      Okay, Thanks my good sir.
    16. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Doing Good, Just healing from my busted lip. But It is alot better then before.
    17. Primus Productions
    18. toby117
      Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB - 70 shipped ok?
    19. hthrun
      I would have liked to see more action. I haven't seen the original, it sounds like you liked that one better?
    20. optimusfan
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