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    1. openchallenge
      Cool! Ok I'll post it when it's complete. I've still got 2 pieces that need to be painted then clearcoated. It takes days :( I think it's because of the humidity being through the roof. But the clear coat gets super hard with patience :)
    2. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      haha Gotta' admit, they're oooooooooook!
    3. spoonman
      Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Like where the hell does one message end and one begin?
    4. Transmetal003
      Sent payment glad to do bussiness with you and thanks for the great deal.
    5. Unicron9
      Man I stopped diggin it because I realized his arms were too long. I shortened them by almost an inch last night. Took a few hours for very little result, but I'll get a pic or 2 of that up today. It did help.
    6. stprime
      hey buddy!
    7. Falconhood
      yes, great idea, because i'm broke...i have all these purchases, but it's stuck in paypal, so i went straight home from work today. Payday is Friday for me too. i have to mail a bizillian packages on Saturday, but my house is a disaster. one thing i hate about the school year is i come home exhausted, throw junk on the couch, and a pile grows. What is there to do this week-end?
    8. Designation 13
      Designation 13
      I would like to apologize, My camera is so awesome, With the "weld" I was trying for a veteran look rather than a fresh from battle look. But you were correct , I fused the wire to the surface to look like old welds. I do hope you can use this in a custom, I think it is a great detail most have over looked.
    9. hthrun
      Will do!
    10. hthrun
      Thanks! I was debating whether or not to mention them earlier in case they were too simplistic. I didn't want to waste your time and space in the tutorial section if they weren't worth putting in there...
    11. Nirso
      Tks for the upload!
      Best hugs!
    12. hthrun
    13. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Thanks man I'm glad you enjoyed the article, it was fun to put together. I hope we see it utilized well, hasbro has a great thing going with Cyberverse. It has the potential for very long legs and while the initial releases aren't perfect, if used, the potential for success is very very high. I hope we see it go beyond PRIME. The Action Sets are my favorite things so far.
    14. Scythe
      Thank ya very much, I appreciate the gander every now and then!
    15. Falconhood
      you are restoring the figure? his head and etc.
    16. hthrun
      Feel free to check out my other tutorials in the meantime :)
    17. Falconhood
      Are you going to the toy show on Saturday. I have ZERO cash (i unfortunately found the ENTIRE DCUC wave 19 at target...gulp...96$ gone...i'll be eating Ramen this week. But if you go, and buy my things, that's like some money...what WERE those things again?
    18. CURAMEN
      Hey, hey, hey! It has been too long. How's things? I hope all is well. :thumb
    19. hthrun
      I'll try. I haven't had as much time to get on the boards here with fantasy football season in full swing :)
    20. Unicron9
      Ha, except I think he actually liked it here.
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