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Oct 11, 2011
    1. DJSoundwave1234
      awesome, thanx for the tip, i will let u know when i recieve the package
    2. Axel990
      Inferno would have been good, but I would have preferred him to be the Rosenbauer Firetruck, rather than a NASCAR car, you know? I say they leave Sentinel Prime in a Cybertronian form. [SPOILER]
    3. Axel990
      True about Leadfoot. I looked him up on Transformers Wiki, and the only character named Leadfoot is from Generation 2. Not even a Wrecker as well.
    4. Axel990
      I was curious, what do you think of the names they chose for the 3 Wreckers (Topspin, Roadbuster, and Leadfoot)? I'm starting to feel disappointed because Springer was a Wrecker as well (in fact the leader at one point), and yet he wasn't chosen to be in DOTM.
    5. eagc7
      Sideswipe didnt had 1 line in ROTF he had 5!

      1“Clear a path!”

      2“Damn, I’m good.”

      3“What is the meaning of this?”

      4“Fall back! Ironhide, up the middle!”

      5“Sam! Spotted Sam!”
    6. eagc7
      No it's a prequel.
      well both the comics and game are prequels to DOTM, but few people thinks that DOTM Game takes place after Rising Storm, so i made this thread so see which people considers the game a sequel to the comic and which ones not
    7. eagc7
      Here's a theory about jolt's new sculpt if he's in the movie:
      After rotf jolt lost too much power from combining Optimus and jetfire; as a result he was given a new robot mode but kept the vehicle mode. The robot mode uses the head sculpt you see here (maybe too signify that he's a new bot) and he lost his electro whips in the process too gain a gun (so he doesn't use too much power again or something stupid like that). Just my bit of speculation it's most likely wrong.
      yes your theory is wrong sicne jolt was confirmade to be not in the film
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