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Nov 8, 2021
    1. Shadowwavepool7
      Hey what's up, saw you pay me a visit earlier.
    2. Meta777
      Cancel the Apokelypse :3

      No problem-o! If you're ever in need of a sweet Water-type, maximum recommendations to Clawitzer; slow, but disturbingly versatile and powerful :D
    3. Meta777
      Romeo Carbink | Pokemon | Know Your Meme

      "That's a nice Outrage you have there. It would be a shame

    4. Meta777
      Makes sense; I doubt a youngster's armour would be fully developed at that point and not nearly as tough as an adult's armour would be. Plus, even if it was tricky to crunch them, I imagine a small youngster would be easy for a Rex to stick a foot under and flip them over.

      Still, ankylosaurs are difficult adversaries. A juvenile might be fortunate enough to have an adult join the fray and smash a predator's face in, and an adult itself is something only a desperate creature would attack.
    5. Meta777
      Mind you, Rex would probably have to be careful when dealing with the likes of Triceratops or Ankylosaurus. Even a tyrant doesn't appreciate a belly full of spikes or a face full of club 0.0
    6. Meta777
      Mixed feelings over peeps with controversial views? Oh buddy, I've definitely seen that before :lol

      That said, I'm of the view T-rex can do whatever the hell it wants, whether nabbing a corpse or making corpses itself. When you're that big of a predator without much in the way of competition, your options profusely widen.
    7. Meta777
      Oh yeah, that was the name! It was pretty darn wacky for a dinosaur series; improbable as it was, I nevertheless found it touching that the allosaur and the sauropod ultimately settling their differences by teaming up against their common foe :lol

      Gigantic robot dinosaur Autobots vs gigantic robot dinosaur Decepticons? Mmmmmmmmm take my money, TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

      Aw man, a juvenile theory? Curses. Well, I'm gonna hold out for that badass little headbutter anyways! :D
    8. Meta777
      Oh yeah, I've heard of them, another one of the Jurassic's big dogs. I remember watching a program where one of these competed with an Allosaurus over territory (if I recollect, it ultimately lost the dispute when it picked a fight with an angry sauropod, who kicked its ass)

      Imagine that on a much larger scale! Allosaurs, Ceratosaurs, and Torvosaurs all congregating to a 40 ton feast from across several hundred miles (since theropods possess a Jacobson's organ as well as an exceptional sense of smell).
      That'd be intense. If there's one thing predators can agree, the big ones are the most satisfying to see fall.

      Ah, paleontology is such fun to talk about!
      YES. Yes it is :D

      Personally, I'd like to see an Ankylosaurus/Edmontia/Pachy!
      Me personally, I'm praying for spinosaurs/therizinosaurs/raptors. I also wouldn't object to a

      wait for it

    9. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      I see you're as frustrated with all the nerdrage over Dreadwing as I am...
    10. HeroicC300
      Just PM me when ya do; no point going hideously off-topic.
    11. DepthWave
      Ah, well, I could only add, that Vechicons take part in votings.
      Such as "Should Lord Megatron be repaired by a good medic" or "Should we leave Megatron in Unicron's cave".
      They are full-grown members of the Decepticon's ranks.
    12. AshleyCuadra
    13. Gojira Prime
      Gojira Prime
      I must say that your obscure dinosaur name is awesome. That is all.
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