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Sep 29, 2023
    1. smf2045
      Where is the office where the Meet-up is? What is the address? I'd like to attend, but I've never been there and don't know where to go. The directions are not on the front page.
    2. Stygian360
      Apologies, I am entirely new to how the ownership aspect works. Let me confer with the group before we shut down the current existing thread. That is most likely the direction we'll go in, but I just want to confirm that is the direction everyone is okay with.
    3. XJunky
      Are you talking about a social group, or a thread in the conventions & get togethers forum? There is no "owner" for threads, just the original poster, and that cannot be changed. If you are looking for a way to keep the original post updated, I suggest creating a new thread. I can close the old one and provide a redirect.
    4. SGTsoundwave
      Hmm, maybe I do. I'll have to find out who it was then haha
    5. SGTsoundwave
      Hey, did you get borderlands 2? I know you got #1, and we played for a bit(kind of want to do some more today/tomorrow) so I was wondering if you wanted to play when I get it on Wednesday.
    6. vvvTheONEvvv
      well someone should ko a yellow cliffjumper, lol... it's awesome
    7. vvvTheONEvvv
      where in the hell did you get a yellow cliffjumper?!? and I recall a blue cliffjumper before it actually came out - am I mistaken?
    8. Sideswipe2000
      Thanks man you rock!
    9. Stygian360
      Email sent, Surge. Enjoy!
    10. Surge
    11. Stygian360
      What's your email?
    12. Surge
      Mind sending me a picture so I can see it up close? Hard to see at the moment. :p
    13. Stygian360
      Yup! It's a digi-bash of Prime Cliffjumper done as Sunstreaker and FYI not my design. I just like it!
    14. Surge
      *points at avatar* Sunstreaker?
    15. Stygian360
      LOL.. thanks Shizuka. Actually I think I may be only one of a select handful who actually liked the latest Ghost Rider movie!
    16. Shizuka
      God, Ghost Rider looks so badass in your sig.
    17. Stygian360
      Oh, I don't want to keep you waiting around until I can find a Joe or 3 that I want to trade with you, so let's just make plans next week to meet up so that I can get you your BB. $12 makes us square and I'm good! Where are you located? I work on Baseline and 48th St near the entrance both the US60 and I10, so I'm pretty central to most places in the valley. If you can meet me somewhere closer to that area it would be appreciated. In other words I don't want to spend $12 in gas in order to make $12... if you catch my drift. :-) Thanks- Neil
    18. Matty
      Thanks man! Unfortunately I don't have any Joes to trade. I have some miscellaneous stuff in my sale thread if you want to check it out. I have a spare G1 BB also, nothing spectacular.

      I saw you ask others in the sightings thread about the spare BB and I was like "wait, wait, I messaged him about that!" Good thing I checked your profile again :lol What Joe figures are you looking for at retail? I'll keep an eye out for you. That way we can just trade if we don't meet up before then.
    19. Stygian360
      No worries dude. I just figured you'd dropped off the radar on purpose (you never know in this hobby). $12 bucks sounds good to me. Got anything good (i.e., GI Joe's, Transformers) you'd care to trade? I'm not hard-up for cash, so toys are always preferable!

      And just so you know SS BB is yours, so I wont relist him as 'for sale/trade' unless you dismiss interest this time. Sorry about that!
    20. Matty
      Hey man I completely apologize for not responding fast enough to this message. I never got a notification for whatever reason ...

      Figures are usually something like 11.99 + tax in stores. I was planning on buying this figure at stores anyway so if it helps you I'd take it off your hands for retail cost.
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