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    1. strangeguy32000
    2. Venixion
      Thanks for the price check help. :)
    3. FanimusMaximus
      Which one was that from?
    4. FanimusMaximus
      I'm space Napoleon Hitler. Give me the thing.
    5. FanimusMaximus
      Hey guys you remind me of some assholes I'm gonna kill!!!
      But we don't have time for that, because the Ginyu's are coming!
      RIGHT NOW!!!
    6. FanimusMaximus
    7. FanimusMaximus
      Oh yeah...Pandas.
    8. FanimusMaximus
      That wasn't very Paragon!
    9. FanimusMaximus
      I know I love it! Especially those Two Saiyans play videos.
    10. FanimusMaximus
      Speaking of which I just watched TFS gaming videos.

      These guys are fucking hilarious!
    11. Blasttron
      Hi, you had posted that u may have the part I am looking for, the chest doors for an Mp-01 Optimus, can you help me out?
    12. ironjazz
      No bother.Thanks for Diancie.
    13. agentSAP2006
      Can you please post pics of your Foxy costume once you get it done?
    14. Fallout
      hey man, if you set your mind to it i'm sure you could do it. you can climb any mountain brother
    15. Fallout
      your posts about working in retail have taught me so much lol. if i ever work in retail i'm just gonna keep a compilation of your posts to study in my freetime so i'll always be prepared :thumb
    16. Aernaroth
      Thanks. Try not to stress about the retail stuff, this has been the worst winter people have seen in a long, long time, and a lot of people just don't know how to deal with it properly. If it's any consolation, even if it's frustrating work that may not feel like it, you're probably helping those customers in a big way, and that's worth feeling good about.
    17. Aernaroth
      To deal with your infestation, most vermin experts recommend putting out a television turned to your local hockey team, with a few open cans of beer (Canadian beer, not American beer) nearby in the snow to attract the pests via scent. They should be drawn to the tv and the beer, but upon realizing the tv is tuned to the Blue Jackets and that Columbus has a garbage nhl team, they'll usually leave of their own accord. Note: this method doesn't work if the Blue Jackets are playing the Habs, the Leafs, the Flames, the Canucks, or the Senators. Experts are still out on whether this effect holds true for a Columbus - Winnepeg game.
    18. Fallout
      hey man, if you happen to stop by that five below you just posted about sometime in january and they still have cheap knockouts and ratchets i'd gladly pay cost + shipping + 5 bucks for your trouble if they have any!
    19. mstyger87
      hallo there, the big hands you were asking about, i have purchased a set and they are really good and are about he size of tfc hercules hands, maybe slightly bigger so they probably wouldnt work for metroplex, hopefully i get my metroplex tomoro and i can give a bit more info, hope this helps
    20. Primewave
      FINALLY! Someone who speaks my language about graphics.
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