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Mar 19, 2019 at 7:43 PM
    1. Alpha Matrix
      Alpha Matrix
      Hey Brother! I just started posting up on TFW again I hope you are well? Sorry I've been away for awhile a lot of things have been going on. However I'm back and I hope to hear from you. Peace my friend.
    2. Stormvapor
      Hey bro! Miss you.
      I'm ok hope you are okay on your end :)
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Hello mate!
      How are things going?
    4. Stormvapor
      Thanks mate! I really appreciate it :)
    5. rodimuspm
      Hey bro I will post them tomorrow on a new link. Slag
    6. Stormvapor
      Oh no bro, they used to be on free picture accounts, that became paying they got deleted.
      Now I just upload from my pc.
    7. plowking
      I was traveling down memory lane today, and I noticed a lot of your pics of the customs you've done aren't in your threads....did you move them?
    8. rumble619
      Hey bud. I told you your Energon Staks motivated me to build one for myself. I just posted something I think you'll like
    9. Stormvapor
      to tell you the truth, no, I had not. I generally do not tackle customs that large. And I believe I have only one custom in that size class, the Ravager Stripmine. Voyager/mega is pretty much my upper size limit. Legends, Scouts, and Deluxe are usually my preferred weapons of choice.
      Thanks for the interest mate :)
    10. Basilisk
      Have you ever considered Movie 1 Leader Optimus as a base for a Staks custom?
    11. Stormvapor
      Merry Xmas!
      'Till all are one!
    12. pumpkingonzo
      Happy Christmas mate :)
    13. Stormvapor
      the wing measures:
      Blue 1 3/16ths" wide
      Yellow31/32ths" long (front of the wing to the back at its connection to his hull)
      Orange1 1/16ths" long (wing tip front to back)
      Green1 3/16ths" long (at the mid-wing... the wing starts out straight out then angles forward while also angling backward, then continues on a forward sweep)
    14. iper3531
      Stormvapor, I need the measurements of the wings if u have them please sir
    15. Stormvapor
    16. pumpkingonzo
      Thank you.
      Contact me anytime, about anything :)
      I'd love to do a commission for you one day, would be a pleasure :)
      Take care mate.
    17. Stormvapor
      Wow! That is brilliant. Best of luck with it brother.
      I love your paint skills...I hope one day to commission a piece or two from you :)
    18. pumpkingonzo
      I'm good, thanks.
      Gave up my job recently. I've got next week to work then that's me done after being there for 14 years.
      I haven't been overly happy there for a while, and after lots of talking with my wife and boss in work I'm going full time customising. I've wanted to do it for years, but wasn't good enough.
      It's a big risk, it might or might not work but at least I'll be able to look back in time and think to myself I tried :)
      I'm gonna work hard, and we'll see how it goes. I've got commissions lined up from now until the end of January, so fingers crossed!
    19. Stormvapor
      okay bro, about to post a new wip idea :)
      how's about you?
    20. pumpkingonzo
      How are things with you mate?
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