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I will be away for some time and sorry I won't be able to support any requests. Will come here to check posts from time to time though. Nov 26, 2019

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    1. Sa173533
      I have an idea for the upcoming Grand Galvatron figure from Takara's Unite Warriors line. How about replacement heads for War Breakdown, Armada Thrust, and Roller to be based off of their fictional appearance?

      And another idea would be different heads for Skywarp and Thundercracker for the Skydive/Air Raid mold.
    2. Novus
      Hey I wanted to know what program you use to make your heads. I just want to know so I can make my own heads.
    3. Basilisk
      I have an idea for Cyclonus both the 2008 figure and the CW figure. How about swords based on the animated incarnation? In Deluxe Cyclonus's case they could have little tabs so they can connect to the front of his arms when his hands are turned inwards.
    4. Sa173533
      I mean, all the wings that you have put out so far (Aerial Reconnoiter Wings, Feathered Guardian Wings, Chic-Captain Wings). It would also be nice if you would tell me how those chest plates for the rest of the Masquerade group connect (Windcharger, Sideswipe, and Jazz).
    5. Sa173533
      Steam, will you make a installation thread for some of your items, like the permanent add-ons (the wings, for example)?
    6. THE Thuggernaut
      THE Thuggernaut
      Thanks Steamy, can I call you steamy? Too late I already did XD I'll keep in mind that it's a beta, and if I do end up making the Prowl custom I'll be sure to post it on the boards! Oh and those Dreadwing and Darkwing heads (all of them) are brilliant!
    7. THE Thuggernaut
      THE Thuggernaut
      Hey there! I'm really into your work and was going to buy an Arms Micron Swerve and your police strategist head made for the mold to make a custom Prowl, except, it's not up on your Shapeways shop anymore. What are your plans for that head in particular, if any?
    8. Matt_M
      Either a smile or a more neutral expression, yes. Just my personal preference.
    9. Matt_M
      Hey! Really like your work so far. I am looking to take the Crankcase head painted in black, and put it on CW Ironhide to make Tote. Let me know when you get going! (I would prefer it if the frown was a little less pronounced, but yours is the best I've seen so far.)

      Or do you think this "Groovy Guardian" head could fit on the Offroad mold?
    10. Basilisk
      Unfortunately I do not own the toy I can see if I can get measurements I don't think he has a ball jointed head though.
    11. Basilisk
      I was talking about this dude [IMG] he was released in the movie line but he was meant to be part of the Classics line.
    12. Basilisk
      Do you think it'd be possible to put your IDW Crankcase's head onto the 2007 Movie Crankcase? I doubt it but it'd be nice to be able to own the toy with a head that looks like Crankcase.
    13. Basilisk
      Do you have FOC Swindle at all? I feel like it could use a blocky classic Swindle head. I don't own the figure because the head looks so damn ugly.
    14. Jet
      I sent u a PM
    15. Basilisk
      Aw I was hoping it could replace Ultra Darkwind's head!
    16. Basilisk
      Which figure is your Darkwing head compatible with?
    17. Basilisk
      Yeah sure buddy send it to me on PM?
    18. Basilisk
      What's funny is I've actually finished the mods and everything.

      I just lack the motivation to finish painting it and ordering the parts :lol
    19. ArcGunner
      Also, how did you go about the disassembly?????? I cant get this guy apart for the life of me
    20. Basilisk
      Did you sand down the doors on the arms of BH Wheeljack or did you just get a regular version's arms?

      I'm thinking of just sanding mine down.
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