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I will be away for some time and sorry I won't be able to support any requests. Will come here to check posts from time to time though. Nov 26, 2019

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    1. Basilisk
      Do you have a head for CW Blackjack one that has a nose and mouth? like a Rodimus head or something.
      1. SteamShield
        No, do you have a picture reference? such as tfwiki or?
        Jan 8, 2017
      2. Basilisk
    2. SteamShield
      @batmanprime Should be possible...I'll tinker with the Hind model and see what I come up with.
    3. batmanprime
      Hey Steamshiel, any chance of an Apache upgrade (ie. Spinister) cockpit for the CW Blades/Vortex/Alpha Bravo mould? I'm looking into a better Spinister, as well as a Chain gun for a CW Nexus Prime.
    4. Scalor64
      Hey SteamSheild, I'm not sure if you actually do this or not but do you actually mass produced your upgrades for Combiner Wars Vortex and Blastoff? I was thinking of modifying my figures, but I am not sure since I saw your upgrades. If not that's alright, no harm in asking.
      Thank you and have a nice day.
    5. Basilisk
      I saw that custom someone did of the Brawn titan master and I saw the headmasters in store and they're TINY! I like your Brawn's head shapeways name "Little Heracles" your design looks really similar to the titan master even though you based it off of the concept art of the 2004 exclusive, maybe Hastak will reuse Strongarm's mold officially for a full Brawn? who knows.

      I understand about the guantlets not being prioritised right now.
    6. Basilisk
      I'm pondering if the Titans Return Brawn head will fit on the Strongarm body
    7. Basilisk
      Really? for what I'm using my Green Strongarm as which is SG Brawn i feel the head is close enough to Brawn anyhow but I would still get an alternate head just to take a look. From messing around with it I do think removing the head may be tricky.

      For the Guantlets I don't know how far you got with this but there are the holes underneath his arms so when designing the guantlets if you add a port it could clip on easily to those holes. When 3H designed it they didn't show the underside of the guantlets so I assume they left it open so it would be easy for users to clip them on.
    8. Bruticusfan2016
    9. Bruticusfan2016
      Is it possible for you to make new arms for Vortex?
    10. Sa173533
      Will you make a tutorial on how to install the 5mm pegs needed to attach the drills on Brawl, just in case people want to make their own Heatrock?
    11. Basilisk

      I like these guantlets. If you own the Strongarm mold you might find these fun to make.
    12. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      He's a fire truck, but I was going to use Rook's body.
      1. SteamShield
        Hi Rodimus Prime - long time! I finally got around to create a Red Hot head for Rook. I have put it up for sale - it is not tested but I am pretty sure about fitment and will always replace if fitment is bad. Thanks for the idea!
        Jan 18, 2017
    13. fawnheart2000
      Hey Steamshield, I was wondering if you would be able to make Green Strong and Flexible available for some of your designs, so we can take advantage of the St. Patty's Day sale today?
    14. DrOblivian
      Hey i have a bit a bit of a request. Would it be possible to do a set to convert 2 CW Hounds into Rack'n'Ruin. Basically the exact same set you did for legends Viper, just scaled up to work with the Hound mold.

      Or if not, could you at least make a Rack'n'Ruin head for that ball joint size on that figure?
    15. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      BTW, any chance you are going to make a Red Hot head to go with Fix it and Stakeout?
    16. Sully
      Just bought the Beta Fix-It head from Shapeways, looking forward to testing it out.
    17. Novaburnhilde
      I hope I'm talking to the right person, I've seen a lot of your Shapeways head-sculpts, and I love them.

      Keep up the great work~
    18. Basilisk
    19. Basilisk
      do you think anything can be done to make CW Prowl look better
    20. Sa173533
      Oh, yeah, the Screamer head. You should make a thread with a poll for conehead heads in the Radicons.
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