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I will be away for some time and sorry I won't be able to support any requests. Will come here to check posts from time to time though. Nov 26, 2019

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May 14, 2022
    1. nemisispringer
      Hey dude tried to get in touch with you on cults wanting to buy files for 3 of your junkion heads before I resort to shapeway's.

    2. Solauren
      Any chance you can put more of your designs on Cults3D? I'd much rather pay $5 - $7 for a head or face and print it myself, knowing you get more money, then pay shapeways prices and no you get peanuts for it.
    3. Lorenzo
      Hello i have some request on 3dcults, pls check your email inbox!
    4. Cris Adonis
      Cris Adonis
      Hi bro. Can you jet combiner leg extensions fit jujiang jet commander?
    5. Tankhunter48
      Any chance you could put the Combat Heli Tail Assembly Lite and the Aerial Guardian Arms on Cults? I have access to low cost printing and have been eying those for ages!
    6. Elxr
      Is there any chance you could make a cartoon style wildrider head for cw streetwise
    7. SaltSalterson
      Request: Blue Bacchus head/conversion kit for Siege Spinister.
    8. jimsloth
      Would you be up for rescaling your prowl shoulder missiles for the alternator Subaru body?
    9. SteamShield
      I will be away for some time and sorry I won't be able to support any requests. Will come here to check posts from time to time though.
      1. SwittCraft
        I had a question for the Magna Wheeler head on Shapeways. Is it possible to adjust the neck ball joint hole smaller for the CW Rook figure? I need 4!
        Apr 20, 2020
    10. Andrew Mersman
      Andrew Mersman
      May I suggest an upgrade kit that turns Siege Refractor into Vos?
    11. Andrew Mersman
      Andrew Mersman
      What is required to get Megatron’s body ready for your upgrades(specifically, do you need to pop any pins to apply the Chest upgrade)?
      1. SteamShield
        Hi, can you tell me what thread you were referring to?
        Jun 21, 2019
      2. Andrew Mersman
        Andrew Mersman
        I’m talking about your upgrade that turns Titans Megatron into Tarn. I’m interested in buying the kit myself and was wondering how tough it was to install
        Jun 22, 2019
    12. SaltSalterson
      Had a look at those Junkion heads on Shapeways. Looks like an interesting project!
      1. SteamShield
        Thanks! Started from someoneis ask now I am rolling on!
        Mar 30, 2019
    13. dickenz
      Hey SteamShield, I shot you a msg on Shapeways regarding "Sparky" project. Thought you may check this more frequently. Had an idea regarding shoulder upgrades that could help complete the look if you're interested. All the best mate.
      1. SteamShield
        Hi, yes I saw that note now, but I can't really get into it now. On top of that being a copy of someone's else's idea, to make a piece that big, it is going to cost a lot to print by shapeways. In any case I have a lot of day job to catch up so no break till mid Feb.
        Jan 29, 2019
      2. dickenz
        Jan 29, 2019
    14. TheLazyMadman
      hey man, would you be able to add the professional plastics option to your Onslaught/Hotspot hip fix?
    15. SaltSalterson
      Not trying to bug you, but are you working on that Wideload head?
      1. SteamShield
        Hi, I am not working on any custom requests at this point. I can add that to my to-do list if you like, but I can't say when I will start.
        Sep 28, 2018
    16. SaltSalterson
      Any luck on those Conehead wings?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. SaltSalterson
        More specifically, for the Rewind mold, cause why not? (since there isn't a Legends class Dump-truck.)
        Sep 19, 2018
      3. SteamShield
        Hi, I do not have any good idea around cone head wing for the voyager SS yet due to the base design of the figure.
        Sep 20, 2018
      4. SaltSalterson
        That could be a problem. Might need an expert.
        Sep 20, 2018
    17. Sixshot666666
      Hello, is there any way to get your designs printed sans shapeways? I was looking to buy a ton of designs but noticed they no longer offer black acrylate, and I’m not a fan if the plastics they do have.
      1. SteamShield
        I don't offer to sell design directly yet. But if you see another 3D printing company that offers the material you like I'll be happy to extend my shop there.
        Sep 4, 2018
    18. NikolaiKamitana
      Hey there! I saw your Leozack kit, and it's amazing! I was wondering if you had any plans for Lyzack from the Victory Manga? I personally think that the PotP moonracer mold would work amazingly for her, with minimal paint required.
      1. SteamShield
        not at this point. from car to airplane there's some tough design gaps to overcome...
        Apr 2, 2018
      2. NikolaiKamitana
        I suppose that'd make sense, but one point to note is Lyzack in said manga never had an alt mode, so she never really had an official alt mode past with her G1 design. Generally going by the bot mode that we've seen of her original design there's only a few aesthetic differences between her and moonracer, and colors are very identical.
        Apr 3, 2018
    19. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Hi there! I’ve recently been going through your work and it looks fantastic from what I’ve seen. I wanted to ask you if you’ve tested your MW/Toxitron heads for the CW Optimus mold and your recently TR Tarn kit, and how exactly it’s supposed to work with TR Megatron?
      1. SteamShield
        Hi, thanks for your interest. The Toxitron head is designed by request, I didn't test it myself, but I also didn't hear any complains.

        As for the Tarn kit, word of warning it is really expensive due to material...but once I have the final set of prints tested I will update my post with more pictures and some instructions.
        Mar 30, 2018
      2. Purple Heart
        Purple Heart
        Oh okay, do you take requests often?

        Price is fine with me. If the materials are good it’s worth it. I look forward to it as I just picked up another Megatron last night for the kit.
        Mar 30, 2018
    20. Lord Dcast
      Lord Dcast
      Yo man. Recently ordered your Kup head (the one without the cigar) for TR Kup. I'm a little confused about the High Definition Acrylate instructions. What do you mean by 'back off every half turn'? Sorry, I'm just a little confused.
      1. SteamShield
        Hi, apologies, I missed this message completely. I supposed you've figured this out or it is probably not causing any issues for you. I just meant to go easy with putting the screw in ...
        Mar 30, 2018
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