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Mar 1, 2015
Dec 28, 2007
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Mar 1, 2015
    1. Big_Truk_Convoy
      Hey SS90, I am still holding the PP01 for you if your still interested I would like to unload this figure ASAp.

      Your Pm's were full so I'm trying to get a hold of you here.
    2. frogDNA
      Hey! Thank God i'm OK, just had the scare of my life! (that's why I took a few days off and I haven't been around the forums lately)
      Thanks for asking! Take care :)
    3. PrimulArchangel
      Your inbox is full.. You messgaed me about the KO devastator..depends on how long you want me to hold it for. I don't normally hold figures anymore because people never come back for them.
      LMK :)

    4. brolyberto
      hey I forgot how much I said I was gonna sell you HA Sideswipe for but I think it was 20. So it will be 25 with shipping to your house. Sound good?
    5. brolyberto
      oh snap. I didn't know you were so young lol. ok I'll send it to you. let me figure out the shipping and I'll let you know.
    6. BaronVonSolace
      someone returned that to walmart, BEES!
    7. brolyberto
      Oh also I live by the Super Walmart in Pembrok Pines. So whichever is closer or easier for you.
    8. brolyberto
      ok cool. well I have tuesday wednesday and saturday off from work so if you want to meet up at the pembroke lakes mall somewhere I don't know. Or if you want we can meet up at the Walmart over there by u in Miami Lakes
    9. BaronVonSolace
      lol, broly berto is my IRL buddy, we found that HA SS super late one night, man it was awesome
    10. brolyberto
      well where do you live? I know you live close so if there's a chance we can meet somewhere then we won't have to do any shipping. I don't remeber if I told you but he isn't in the box and doesn't come with instructions but he's in perfect condition.
    11. brolyberto
      I haven't seen the twins yet but I have HA sideswipe if you want him for 20 bucks. I bought him a week ago and yeah I just don't like him.
    12. brolyberto
      so hows your transformer hunting going. Need help looking for anything in particular?
    13. BaronVonSolace
      oh scalp is over in a target at mirimar last i heard, as for everyone else i haven't seen them at all yet
    14. BaronVonSolace
      only new things ive seen down here are long haul and grindor, ill check the target by my job on monday and TRU, hopefully they have stuff
    15. BaronVonSolace
      man, last night i found a grindor and longhaul, today i went to go pick em up, and all of them were gone =/
    16. starscream-99
      Ha Ha! Pretty close. Nice profile pic!
    17. BaronVonSolace
      thats pretty close, like 20 min away
    18. BaronVonSolace
      where abouts do you live? i live near pines mall
    19. grayman
      I haven't seen ROTF Deluxe Arcee, Deluxe Jolt, Voyager Long Haul or Voyager Megatron at all anywhere near us. However, yesterday Friday July 24, I saw 2 Voyager Mixmasters at the Hialeah Gardens Walmart off of the Palmetto expressway between 103 and Okeechobee Road and I also saw 2 each of the Deluxe Fast Action Battlers Skids, Grindor and Desert Bumblebee at the Target in Hialeah on the other side of the Palmetto expressway accross from the Walmart.
    20. Optronix_prime
      Nope, the extension of his torso made it impossible, I figured no-one would care since he can't transform in the movie, or didn't transform in the movie.
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