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    1. EnergonWaffles
      Bah sorry man. I was called in to a meeting with my web software group. Just got home :(
    2. EnergonWaffles
      Yeah! you draw that yourself?
    3. EnergonWaffles
      Yeah I can be on Thursday night!
    4. GogDog
      If you're shooting in a controlled environment, you should always shoot in manual mode. Unless you are walking around outside and have to react quickly, there is no reason you should let the camera decide what settings to use for you.

      If you're shooting on a tripod, and I highly recommend that you do unless its impossible, you should set your ISO down as low as possible for the best quality.

      Find a good prime lens (one that doesn't zoom) and concentrate on playing with the settings to actually UNDERSTAND what they do. Learn to adjust them and learn to know what that's going to do to your photograph before you do it.

      This is one of the best introductions to DSLR photography I have seen. Read it, play with your camera, read it again Repeat until you understand all of it.

      Bernie’s Better Beginner’s Guide to Photography for Computer Geeks Who Want to be Digital Artists | Bernie Sumption :: Photography
    5. mandiprime97
      Actually I'm a lady, and I'm more of a hard rock person but I do listen to some metal.

      Sounds familiar, but I don't think I have.
    6. EnergonWaffles
      Diplo feat. Faustix, Imanos & Kai - Revolution (Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix Remix) - YouTube great vocals

      On this one too Rudimental - Free feat. Emeli Sandé (Elk Road Remix) - YouTube
    7. SydneyY
      I think we could get Metro for $145 or so on sale days. I guess we shouldn't be complaining!
    8. EnergonWaffles
      Hope somebody does a new remix of I AM soon. The start was SO beautiful- they just need to redo the middle lol. Great bass but it's so repetitive and I know they can do better. Sick Individuals & Axwell (Ft. Taylr Renee) - I AM (Nu:Tone Remix) - YouTube

      The vocals were great in this one Wilkinson - Afterglow - YouTube
      This one has kinda unique vocals too Jaymes Young - Moondust (Sound Remedy Remix) - YouTube

      Liquid Stranger is so unique. Gonna have to buy all their stuff now, but it's so worth it >.<
    9. SydneyY
      Wow I didn't know toys were so expensive there, because some of the craziest ( <compliment) toy collectors I know of live in Singapore! Our custom's are seriously paranoid about food, but knowing that I haven't really had any problem. Only once my young son had a wooden gun that shoots rubberband like this one - Classical Rubber Band Launcher Wooden Wood Hand Rifle Pistol Gun Shooting Toy | eBay and custom considered it as repkica weapon. They let him kept it though.
    10. SydneyY
      Yeah I use lots of light and take many shots...mine's more luck than a skill :lol
      I live in Australia but I am actually Japanese. My English is still pretty awful. Where are you?
    11. SydneyY
      I only have point and shoot >_<;
    12. EnergonWaffles
      I love Seven Lions! Got hooked on them after I heard this one Velvetine - The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix) - YouTube

      This one is so simple and repetitive, but it's so relaxing to have playing in the background while working Swatbot - Samurai (Dubstep) - YouTube
    13. SydneyY
      Of course I remember, you are the young DJ dude!
      As for the camera, you are asking technical questions to a total doofus. I don't know who uses that particular model, either. Couple of people I know seem to favour Nikon.
    14. EnergonWaffles
      So what kind of EDM would this be sorted as? [EDM] - Stephen Walking - Some Kinda Wizard [Monstercat FREE Release] - YouTube

      Out of the ones you posted DubZero was my favorite. That was just beautiful. Read All About It was nice, a bit repetitive with the drums but the vocals were really unique. You're Free was pretty.
    15. EnergonWaffles
      I like checking them out to see whats new/posted. Only complaint I have about them is theyre inconsistent with labeling their music. Lately they label everything as dubstep, which is irritating when I'm trying to figure out what it is.

      While not a label, xKito is a great channel with interesting stuff. Im still sorting through their playlist. SuicideSheeps the only one I can stick on play and not skip anything, though. XD

      Who do you usually go to for new releases?
    16. EnergonWaffles
      This ones pretty [DnB] - TwoThirds - Origami [Monstercat Release] - YouTube

      Still listening through the ones you posted :P
    17. Kujo1597
      So you have two months of WoW then? ;)

      Yeah, the BC in Canada, I moved there from a different Canadian province, Saskatchewan. Getting into BC was just a 14 hour car ride so we didn't have any messes at borders or anything. Now, the hotel in Camloops, BC was a mess. I didn't want to use the pillow but after driving halway across a large country anything will do.
    18. Kujo1597
      Not much honestly outside of moving to BC. It was a big move but I'm still a hermit so it doesn't feel too different. I got a cute mastiff cross puppy who is a handful, a big sweetheart though. He's just too big for me to keep out of trouble. :lol

      My website activity will be taking a big nosedive on the 25th because that's when Tales of Symphonia Chronicles comes out. :lol

      I noticed you took a break for a while. Things picking up for your DJ-ing?
    19. EnergonWaffles
    20. EnergonWaffles
      Damn poor Rewind never gets any love XD
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