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Nov 28, 2020
Oct 31, 2011
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Nov 28, 2020
    1. IceMagnus
      Worried by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt
    2. EnergonWaffles
      Oh I see you got Steeljaw as your avatar. You liking the new RID?
    3. EnergonWaffles
      Pretty well- been busy but hey can't complain.
      You still doing your DJ stuffs?
    4. IceMagnus
      Hey :) And I'm doing well. I have a job now.

    5. byrnez
      Love the video of the duo testing their vinyl record skills while driving manual. Oh and the G forces. Testing equipment is always helpful for us unsure what we can get out of certain models, nice guys.
    6. byrnez
      Thanks for bringing these guys to my attention, love the energy they give and would be right at home at their gigs. They work really well together, I can see myself in future traveling to catch their performance and any other acts that might compliment them. Great to see their are still Dj's doing justice to the cause as opposed to the crap artist are trying to pass off this day and age as music. Downloading this playing it through my decks and whipping out my mics to have some fun.:thumb:bowdown::music:D
    7. IceMagnus
      G1 Has him speaking in it.
    8. IceMagnus
      I (like always) love Bumblebee in this one :)

      He speaks! :D
    9. IceMagnus
      Tiny but cool lookin lol
    10. IceMagnus
      Thanks :)

      I cant wait til I get paid. Gonna open an account and buy some figures lol

      I have severe collector's itch*

      *Collector's Itch - An itch one gets when they haven't gotten a figure in a while. The itch is mostly on the arms and/or back.
    11. IceMagnus
      You gonna get them back eventually?

      I have a job btw
    12. IceMagnus
    13. IceMagnus
    14. EnergonWaffles

      Good to see you again Starscream!
    15. IceMagnus
      OMG Hey! :) I'm fine. You?
    16. byrnez
      A friend in Sydney dj Random with Christronic founded HARD BEATS INTERNATIONAL with their act E-TEK producing 100's of tracks some now on vinyl, are an example of what it is like to be great producers and juggling family life can put such greatness on hold. Look them up and listen to ..Make It Work.......and Jumping Piano's
    17. byrnez
      Rob G was big when he came down under though Happy Hardcore always had its designated rooms at Raves. And there is those nights when you see acts like Hennes & Cold. Most memorable locally Jumping Jack, John Ferris, Peewee Ferris, Mark Dynamix, Nik Fish, Bexta and as the scene got deeper underground passion was short lived as other events in my life un folded and my only advice is if you are passionate to see it through and the door is there to go through dive in. I have produced my own tracks and starting off as a club rapper perfected my art as an MC but I will only ever be as good as the culture and technical surroundings which are what see one succeed. The world is changing and my heart and soul still play old tracks tribute to a rave back in time. These days SHOWTEK and dj XDREAM are favorites with me and occasionally I will rip out my mics and put on my own tracks and dream of igniting the fire which is MC Z vErBaLaSsAsSiN
    18. Murasame
      Oh, how come? I'm currently busy with downsizing everything I have :lol Just tidying everything was not enough anymore. God, how much stuff I have I did not even remember anymore that I had.
    19. byrnez
      Dj Rain Dark intensity Mix:dj
    20. byrnez
      I came across it on another members visitor message board but can not remember what the link was called. It was a mix of popular chart songs. I myself am into Hard Trance having chased that scene in Sydney for a good 10 years though I do like to hear a good mix with there being so much talent out there.
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