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    1. kaijuguy19
      I mean I can understand if they're just dissaponted about how the show's going so far but all of the complaints I've been reading are almost nothing big and come across as being nitpicky at best which is fine but for some reason they seem to say after a couple of episodes it's the worst show ever when we don't know how it'll conclude in the end. It also bugs me about how they constantly demand a lot out of the show in general instead of just seeing what's good about the show and suggested what to do to make it better.

      And good points about Airachnid too. I mean her killng Breakdown was to show that she's merceliss even to her own faction which proves the point further that she's evil like Megatron if not more. So while I sort of feel Breakdown should've had more development first I'm not going to say Airachnid's a bad character because of it.
    2. kaijuguy19
      Sorry to hear that.

      I noticed that you're starting to get annoyed about what's happing in the Prime forums and all.

      I know you already know how I feel about the complaints but I too am getting tired of it. It's not so much as the opinons are hard to bear as it really is about the opinons being made into facts.

      I know I'm one to talk since I went overboard with my opinons and thoughts about Prime in the past but is it just me or are the people who have problems with the show have a similer thing going on with thier opinons? It may be me.
    3. kaijuguy19
      How's your day going?
    4. eagc7
      me became a fan in 2007, never knew of tfs before
    5. eagc7
      i have a question, when u became a transfan?
    6. eagc7
      hey :) sup?
    7. eagc7
      whatsup dude?
    8. eagc7
    9. TrueNomadSkies
      +rep for the avatar
    10. eagc7
    11. eagc7
    12. eagc7
      Can we know for sure this book takes place in Movieverse and not Prime just by the cover? How does that phrase go--Don't just a book by it's cover?
      The Cover shows the Movieverse 1970s Camaro bumblebee in the back and the Movieverse icnarnation of gears
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