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    1. prowler13
      I began watching DBZ when Kai came on and loved it so much I purchased the DBZ on DVD. At the time I was unaware of how much content they edited out. Its good in some aspects. I mean during the fight between Freeza and Goku, it takes like 5 discs to get through it. It was like pulling teeth. I was bummed that DBZ ended at the Cell games. I would like it to have gone farther too. There are whole characters they missed out showing us. I'm on the Buu saga in the discs now. I've heard that GT didn't get good reception and that's why it didn't last long. Its different, but ok.
      I meant to ask you if your planning of seeing the new Batman movie this summer? I saw they are having Bane and Catwoman in it. I read an article that said Bane is hard to understand with the device over his mouth. The director knows this, but says he thinks it adds to the character. I don't know if I'll see it in the theater, but I know I'll catch it on DVD for sure.
    2. prowler13
      I'm so glad to find someone else who hates Bumblebee. I always feel like I'm in the minority. I don't think I ever liked him. Ratchet so needs to fix his vocalizer. I'm tired of all the beeps and whistles.
      Glad to hear that you can't relate to "being old". What a way to make a lady feel special. :lol Kidding Kidding. I'm actually 35 today. Maybe not old to most, but it's old to me. I would like to be 10 years younger again. I actually cried on my 30th birthday. I wish there was a go back in time function in life. I would so use it.
      I've got the matrix of leadership box set of TF from the 80's so I may start watching season 3 again. I watched the rebirth of Optimus Prime, what some call season 4, a couple weeks ago. So I guess that I only have season 3 to get through. I'm also re-watching my Dragon Ball collection. I'm almost done with DBZ then going to move on to GT. I occasionally watch the ones on Nick Toons, but I like the shout factory DVD version better since its not edited. The voice actor of Vegeta is actually going to be at Mega Con this weekend. Thats the comic con that comes to Orlando each year. I want to go so I can meet him, but I would probably chicken out once I see him. :o Maybe I'll just take a quick pic from a short distance.
    3. prowler13
      Maybe I'll try season 3 again. When I first tried watching it I had never seen the '86 movie and I was a little lost. I didn't watch G1 as a kid so I'm fairly new to the whole TF thing. I'm old enough to have been able to watch it tho. :o I guess I really started watching it during the Unicron trilogy. Silverstreak would be cool to see. Making the seekers look different would be a new thing. My poor kids keep getting them confused. Even though they are painted different they still look the same so all of them are Starscream to the boys. I try to correct them and they say so that's Starscream's brother then. I'm like yeah. It's easier than explaining what trine mates are. :lol
      As for the birthday being great. I would say it's just blah. I have a sinus infection so that kinda sucks. Then I had to try to get the house in some sort of order since I've been lazy as of late. Then comes after school homework. That's ok. I'm getting "old" and don't want to celebrate much anymore. :)
    4. prowler13
      For Prime I would love to see Starscream come back with his seekers. For new characters, I would like maybe some of the old G1 underused characters to make a show, or maybe some of the characters that were around after the 1986 movie. I actually stopped watching shortly after the '86 movie since there were too many old favs gone.
      I don't know if you saw it around here somewhere, but today is my birthday and I had this cake made for my party this past weekend. it was yummy. I pealed off the autobot logo, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for safe keeping. :D
    5. prowler13
      I also don't like when they make the character act differently than they do in the cartoon. It's like they are ignoring all the time and effort the cartoon character makers took to develop the character. I think I liked dark of the moon the best since it was based off of actual G1 episodes. My oldest loves the live action movies better than the cartoons. He likes the action/violence the movies can have, that the cartoons can't. :lol
      Not sure why I ended up loving Jazz and Prowl. I guess Prowl cause the whole man in a uniform thing. :lol Prowl never got a lot of screen time back in the day. He had a good amount in Animated, I think that's when I started to like the character. I would like to see him in Prime. Jazz I think I liked how he is cool and stuff. I like Wheeljack, tho mostly as a crazy inventor from G1. Did you like how they changed Wheeljack to a sword fighting wrecker? I kinda wished they had kept him like old jack. It would be nice to see him come back to Prime as a regular.
    6. prowler13
      That's alright. I know how tiny things look on your phone. I'm always typing the wrong thing. Hamill's joker was pretty good. Have you liked any of the movies? The last one was pretty good I guess, but I haven't really really liked any of them. I guess I'm like that with most cartoon to motive action movies. I did enjoy dark of the moon tho, I actually saw it more than once. As you can tell from my pic and sig my fav TF is Prowl, followed by Jazz and the Prime version of Ratchet just kills me. He's hillarious in that show. As for Decepicons I've ways like Starscream, in any of the shows. How about you? What's your fav autobot and deception? Hope you have a good day. See you on the name game board. :)
    7. prowler13
      I know its not a TF thing, but I see you like Batman. I'm guessing the Joker is your fav character. I also like Batman. Batman is my fav character followed by the Riddler. I even have a Batman decorative trailer hitch cover on my SUV.
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