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Mar 17, 2017
Aug 12, 2010
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Cybertronian Trader

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Mar 17, 2017
    1. soundwave144
      hey man, we have talked before on a couple occasions and im a fellow arkie like yourself. us central Arkansas guys are doing a meetup august 22nd in Fayetteville at prime135's house. probably around 2-ish. myself and flik areso far coming from little rock and possibly autobotcitycomics. would we be able to possibly have you attend? I know you have a store somewhere in north Arkansas, possibly slose to Fayetteville? maybe we could plan to come hang as a group at your store if youre not able to make it to the meetup... just a thought. and please pm me back and lemme know whatcha think. also, if you know of any collectors in your circle of friends that might like to attend a meetup also; let them know as well or direct them to the Arkansas meetup boards. thanks man!
    2. starbasetoys
      I have a 100% complete Fortress Maximus available...but I won't piece it out. If someone buys it, they are gonna have to buy the whole bot. PM me if you want to talk about that.
    3. unicron6666
      Do you have a cerebros I need one
    4. soundwave144
      hey man did u see the list of wants that i put out there? the technobots and whatnot? hit me back and lemme kno if u wanna get toghether. i live in benton so send me a private message and ill give u the phone number.
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