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Spoon + Star11scream

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May 21, 2013
    1. Sage o' G-fruit
    2. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      You're not supposed to get it.

      It is British. :D
    3. Falldown
      Master Replicas lost/sold their license to make Star Wars merchandise in 2007. Hasbro picked it up. eFX (who I'm fair certain Hasbro own) now make prop replicas - like Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber, and some clonetrooper helmets - while Hasbro started releasing a number of the Force FX Lightsabers MR had previously made.

      So yours were probably made before 2007, and mine after. Simple :).
    4. Falldown
      FX Lightsabers are what I have. And they have a Hasbro stamp at the bottom. I've seen a number of comparison videos/forum topics from collectors that have said the Hasbro ones are just as good. Anyway, it doesn't matter, I'm happy with my FX lightsabers even if they are the inferior versions. Seem pretty accurate to me :).

      As for collecting, it's mostly novels and miniatures. I've a few friends who're also really into Star Wars so the miniatures game is a good way to get together and recreate our favorite battles, especially when the outcome turns out hugely differently :lol.
    5. Falldown
      I think you'll find there are a lot of Star Wars fans around here :). Do you just enjoy the movies or do you read the novels and comics as well? I've got a large collection of Star Wars novels and have been buying the Knights of the Old Republic comics. I've also heard the Legacy comics are really good.

      As for the lightsabers, I had a look around before I bought the two I have and there is very little difference between the MR and Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers. Seems to be the case that when Hasbro bought the rights to make these replicas from MR they got the molds/blueprints/etc. and simply changed the stamp at the bottom of the hilt.

      Do you have any of your own you might recommend?
    6. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      It's a teaser at something to come.
    7. Spoon
      Unless you have something specific to talk about, chances are I won't reply.

      It's not meaness or anything, it's just I don't really dig 'Wassup' style of conversations on TFW.
    8. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Spoon no longer works with you.

    9. SteelMan296
    10. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      I don't think, I know.
    11. doomboy536
    12. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      The Doctor never sleeps.
    13. Spoon
      Well, as a permenant thing? Yes.

      But, we can still occasionally work together.
    14. Spoon
      Thank you, my loyal minion.

      Have some cupcakes and brownies.
    15. Spoon
      After thinking...

      Our alliance against Sage is officially terminated.
    16. Mastergeorge
      I'm having trouble with it.
      I made it but my father wiped the hard drive clean on the computer and my whole collection of sprites was erased.
    17. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      The Doctor can regenerate. Go read some Wikis then come back. ;)
    18. Spoon
      Easy there. It's been what, 4 minutes?

      I'm not sure how you can start. Have your bad guy acting on behalf of Sage?
    19. Spoon
      Any opportunity you get to dish Sage, take it!
    20. Spoon
      How do you mean?
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