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Injector Has a Posse

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Jan 10, 2024
    1. TFFan01
      Are you Fishbug from
    2. Moy
      Happy 2015 :thumb
    3. seekerblackout
      Dude, your movieverse designs on deviantart are so totally sick.

      You're an excellent artist.
    4. TylerMirage
      Why is it so hard for fans to see that their perfect TF movie is not other people's perfect TF movie?
      You sir. You get it. Why others don't, I'll never understand.
    5. seekerblackout
      You must become my friend.
    6. mrgalvaprime
    7. eagc7
      I don't know, I don't really recall seeing much of "Gleen" in any of the three movies. Was he an Autobot or a Decepticon?
      Glen Whitmann - Transformers Wiki

      i make typos, remember
    8. Fallout
      dude, digging the avatar. injector is definitely one of the most metal tf's ever.
    9. eagc7
      Looks more like Dino's head to me. There was no Mirage in the movie.
      Dino is Mirage, He is called Mirage in toyline, games, Comics, Boosk but Dino in the movie, some fans preper to call him by the real name of mirage or his nickname Dino
    10. Ømnidrive
    11. ElectricPrada09
    12. Minnemagnus
      Hey, just tried it out and it's way too big. Would you happen to know how to downsize it or is there a smaller version? Thank you anyway!
    13. Minnemagnus
    14. Minnemagnus
      Could I use your logic picture as my sig? I think it is genius.
    15. eagc7
      They scrapped the idea when they didn't combine in the movie, but people just can't seem to let go of the idea.
      heres the intruction!
    16. eagc7
      Now you're just trolling. We get it, you're not watching the show.
      sorry i thought it was an real making of. and sicne i liek watching making of, thats why i sayed that

      i didnt sayed naything of me not watching the show (which i ahev sayed to many tiems previously), Becuz like i sayed Before i thought it was an real maknig of (but it was jsut an random video) and Since i liek seeing Making of (even fi they of something im not watching or have no plasn to see at the moment)
    17. Chopperface
      I don't know why you're so hung up on this. James Remar's not some big name VA with a long history with the franchise, he's just one of a handful of people that do the same sort of gravelly voice. You don't even spell his name right.
      Hey, easy now! :) I just liked the sound of Remnar voicing Megatron, as I've always been a fan of him. :) And I seriously don't mean to sound like a smartass here, but calm down, and get over the fact I wanted Remnar. And what's wrong if I wanted him for the cast? He doesn't have to have some long, powerful history with the franchise - none of the VA's in every new piece of media do at the beginning, do they?

      Please don't take my response as a smartass attack. :)

      Oh, and thanks a bunch for pointing out I spelled his last name wrong. :)
    18. eagc7
      hey dude sup?
    19. ILoveDinobot
      Hey what's up? Are you glad all the snow has been washed away? :D
    20. ILoveDinobot
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