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Feb 22, 2024 at 9:18 PM
    1. Superquad7
    2. Shattered Trousers
    3. Superquad7
      Ah here we are! I'd recommend hitting up hXcpunk23, as I think he may be the one who suggested the two-part adhesive. It sounds like that Loctite mix that you can sometimes get at Wal*mart, but that's just my best guess.
    4. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      Yup that works!
    5. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      Yeah what colors do you think would be good?
    6. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      Not yet, I think I will get started on it once I get the money for it...and the skill lol. I will probably do it within the next year or so. I think you should defiantly do it though, but you should also probably paint the core robot too to add character to him.
    7. AmonDemon112
      Heres the crazy devy sword for cheap!!!
      G1 Transformers CDMW 14k Crazydevy Predaking Crazy Devy Plated Sword Free SHIP | eBay
    8. AmonDemon112
      Oh before I forget, that Crazy Devy gold chrome sword, I got from a guy on ebay for like $25 shipped! and hes got one more! You should nab it!!! Tfsource sells it for $30 plus shipping. Im envious tou have MJ armor! Awesome about Bluestreak! Be great if they do a blue diaclone version. I havnt gotten to collecting masterpiece yet... but I do want that masterpiece soundblaster with ratbat!
    9. AmonDemon112
      Hey there how goes it? Just got a crazy dezy gold chrome sword for my Warlord Predaking. I havnt gotten any of the members yet but will do so hopefully soon! Loving Bludgeon with headrobots upgrade! Really want the Maiden Japan armor upgrade for it for more g1 accuracy. Ill eventually get the original g1 Bludgeon since theres no comparison to getting the original g1 impressions. Also came across a tf movie tpb at a comic shop but couldn't get it today :/
    10. AmonDemon112
      Thats so cool! Oh my I should've been patient and waited! I do want all of Uts offerings, llike the rest of the predacons, galvatron and the sharkticons. Generations or United Scourge, henkei optimus & skyfire, g1 first season autobots, skylynx, octane, new Metroplex, fp's stunticons, crazy devy upgrades for omega supreme and king poseidon, music label soundwave! Lol I got a ways to go!
    11. AmonDemon112
      Wow thats awesome! Im glad i turned you on to them! Phan of Lunar Toys is a nice guy. Did he give you a deal for all four of them? I really want to get Headstrong and Rampage! Got Bludgeon in today! Such an amazing toy with the Blood upgrade! Going to do g1 paint job at some point. Find Tf Animated Movie tpb yet? Going to get those issues soon myself! Anything with Don Fig is a must! Except for that idw ongoing crap he did lol!
    12. AmonDemon112
      I figured it was you but I had to make sure since I forgot what you said your tfw2005 name was lol! Its cool to finally meet a tf fan thats on level with my tastes! Get anything else besides masterpiece prowl? When I came home, I got my complete Doubledealer and takara reissue Overkill in the mail! Now I have Bugly pretender shell and rotf bludgeon w/ headrobots upgrade on the way!
    13. AmonDemon112
      Greetings! were you the one I was talking to at comicon?
    14. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Yea man, that mod was one of the most simple-but-effective ones I've ever come across. World of difference! Look forward to the pics!

      And things have been well with me man, thanks!
    15. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Love your sig
    16. brr-icy
      how about you?
    17. brr-icy
      good, just moved into a new place, getting settled
    18. brr-icy
      thanks man, your aa base is the reason that reprolabels carries that set now :) I bought an unused set of labels for him and sent it in
    19. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Hey, thanks man. I'm glad you found the review enjoyable.
    20. Solrac333
      Can't wait to see it.
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