Nov 27, 2010
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    1. eagc7
      was confirmed its NOT the series finale
    2. eagc7
      I'm sorry, but I hate this movie already! Not because of what it is about. I hate it because it is to blame for why the current iteration of Transformers Prime is ending so early next year and turning into a beast-based series instead. Because Hasbro doesn't want two vehicle-based toylines to compete with eachother in 2014. It is so damn obvious! If it's bad, I don't care. What I do care about is that this movie is going to do to TF Prime what the other movies did to Animated!
      TF4, had nothing to do with Prime ending, PLUS the Beast wars thing is the name of TFP Season 3, so if its true then Beast Hunters is actually the series finale of Prime, look DOTM didnt affected Prime at all, so TF4 is NOT the one to blame
    3. eagc7
      If a Prime is the only thing that can kill the Fallen, and Megatron killed a Prime, then, by logic, Megatron can kill the Fallen.
      ARGHHH! Why nobody understands this! Fallen never said a Prime can kill a Prime, he said a Prime is the only One who was Defeat HIM! you know Optimus, Sentinel or any other prime Are the only ones capable of Killing the fallen

      Megatron is not a prime. (the comics also explains that he's working for the fallen cause if he helps him and he's succesfull, the fallen would grant him the powers of a Prime, which is all a lie, cause in bayformers Primes can only be born, Not made)
    4. Spunky
      Hi, Epsilon. Well I just saw the entire season finale and am rewriting the fanfic (again) to be perfectly aligned with it. I just thought of the perfect way to get Mulder and Scully into the mix. I've written a couple of pages. Enjoy.
    5. Spunky
      Also Epsilon, I am going to have Arcee/Mulder interactions, but later on. Arcee isn't just going to have a bond with Jack. She'll develop a bond with Mulder as well. There is a special connection between Mulder and Arcee and also between Mulder and Optimus, but I am not going to reveal what that is yet. Also, I'm thinking about having Ravage and Mulder play "cat and mouse". Also, later on in another episode, Silas is going to capture Mulder and try to pry information out of him. There will be a Mulder/Silas fight! I'm also thinking about Optimus trying to fight Devestator alone with both blades blazing in a desperate attempt to save Mulder from the giant combiner! Also, I'd like to bring the Lone Gunmen in and have Raf help them! Not sure about Cigarrette Smoking Man though. I really liked his character and it's too bad he was killed off in the last X-Files episode. Of course Chris Carter stated that nobody really dies in the X-Files and hinted that he may be showing up in the third film. I don't see how he's showing up though. In the last episode, we saw his body explode when a missile hit him. Unless it really wasn't him but a clone of him that he sent in his place to fool the new Super Soldier shadow government into believing he was killed while he works secretly behind the scenes to eliminate them and restore his power. I don't know.
    6. Spunky
      Hey Epsilon. Don't worry about taking long to get back to me. I know what you mean about life. It's been pretty crazy for me as well. I agree with your points. Actually, I wouldn't have MECH take down Optimus. No, no. They couldn't. I would have Prime badly injured at the end of Season 1 by Megatron and the Cons. Have him left lying almost dead and then some explosion comes and the Autobots lose his signal and assume he died in an explosion. But have MECH come right before the explosion and move Prime's weak and almost lifeless body to their secret base which has been equipped with certain electromagnetic shielding that prevents Prime's signal from being detected by the Autobots. Prime then escapes from MECH's base and is wondering the desert in the middle of nowhere with his comlinks and other components damaged so so he's unable to be detected or radio base. I don't know. It's not that I want to change the Autobot base. It's just that you can have new humans enter it only so many times with the epic music playing in the background until it gets a bit old. In the first episode, it was extremely epic when Jack, Miko, and Raf entered the base. But when June Darby finally entered it and discovered the rest of the bots, it wasn't quite as epic anymore. It just seems like it would be overkill for Mulder and Scully to ride to that same base for the first time. That's why in my fanfic I have Mulder enter the spacebridge with Optimus. But that's not very epic and if there's one character that should have an epic entrance and introduction to the base and the bots, it's Mulder! So I thought what if the Autobots get a new base. Then it would be a new and epic experience again if Mulder enters it. It would look different and be larger, stranger, and more epic. But who knows. My favorite part about the fanfic so far was writing the Mulder/Fowler interactions. I just had to make that somewhat comical. I know Mulder and Fowler would most likely hate eachother. Fowler's patriotic and by the books and Mulder's a rebel who follows nobody's rules except his own. In the movie, "I Want To Believe", when Father Joe asks Mulder if he's the good cop, Mulder tells him he's the "non-cop". Well that pretty much says everything.
    7. Epsilon
      Hey Spunky!

      Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you! Life has been a little crazy and unpredictable lately. Its always fun to keep tinkering and re-working one's writing. I personally didn't feel like Optimus and Mulder's meeting was off, but everything can always do with more epic overtones! I'd be careful about having Optimus being captured by MECH though, I know TFP seems to be hinting that such are Silas' plans (or so I think so ;) ) but you need to make sure it would be legitimately plausible. Optimus has always been portrayed as such a god-like warrior, MECH would have to have serious fire power or perhaps a really good reason to persuade him to go with them peacefully. (Perhaps Silas has captured Mulder? All Optimus would care about in such a situation would be that an innocent human has been captured. Just food for thought ) I'd be similarly careful about changing up the Autobot's base/ location--while I'm not crazy about the abandoned military base and LOVE the idea of returning them to an crashed Autobot spaceship a la G1 --just make sure you've got plenty of reason for doing it, both plot wise and perhaps in terms of emotional effect? Perhaps it is directly because of Mulder/ Scully finding/ going to the base that the Decepticons get wind of the location? Perhaps the 'Cons follow Mulder or Scully there? That would add interesting emotional conflict into the mix, and could even be used for tension between Mulder/Scully and one of the 'bots? I couldn't see Arcee being happy about the move (NEW MEXICO FOR.THE.WIN! Way to tie into X-files lore! :thumbs2:) and could completely see her blaming them. Not sure if you really wanted to bring Arcee into the mix too much, at least perhaps not yet, but it could be a continual point on which Optimus must defend Mulder/Scully.

      Anywho, to work myself away from tangents, yes I absolutely agree, keep the focus on Mulder and Optimus! And I think having a scene in which Optimus brings Mulder into their new base would really work well and would absolutely bring that touch of grandeur that you're looking for.

      Always great to hear your thoughts and looking forward to how everything turns out!


      p.s. one of these days let me know if you've got some free time so I can send you some of the TF fanfiction I've been working on; nothing completed as of yet, which is largely why I haven't posted it. But I'd like your thoughts on it :)
    8. Spunky
      Hey Epsilon. Thanks for your message. I can't stop changing my fanfic around. I am thinking about changing it again. I don't think Mulder's first confrontation with Optimus is epic enough. I mean these are two huge iconic and nostalgic characters with tremendous father/son chemistry between them. It's got to feel like complete magic and I don't think I have nailed that. I am thinking about having Optimus get captured by MECH or some evil government entity and presumed to be dead. Then he somehow escapes. His ability to send radio waves has been damaged so he's wondering in the desert when Mulder finds him or he finds Mulder trying to rescue him. Maybe Mulder should be introduce to the Cons later to give them and Megatron the impression of a total and dangerous threat to him. I am thinking that maybe Prime should be wondering in the desert trying to hide from MECH when he comes upon Mulder and saves him from some MECH attack.

      Also, I am thinking about MECH or the Cons finding the location of the Autobot secret base. Thus the Autobots have to abandon their base but then they find a somewhat functional but buried old crashed Autobot ship to call their new home in another state. Possibly New Mexico. That way, it would give "human discovers Autobots and enters their base" a whole new feel. You could have Mulder riding in Optimus going down this long corridor into the spaceship staring in awe of everything. Again, what do you think.

      I think the whole focus should be on Mulder and Optimus for now since that so SO HUGE! I think Scully should be introduced to the bots a little later so her and Ratchet's partnership and interactions can be properly developed and explored.
    9. Epsilon
      Hey Spunky! Great to hear from you again! Hope life is treating you kindly! Sounds as though your writing muse has certainly been at work and I can't wait to re-read your X-files fic! I agree with you about June, at first I was a little hesitant about her character and how she would or would not fit in with Team Prime, but having seen her in the recent episode I must say I'm on board with her character now. I particularly like your idea about having her and Scully team up with Ratchet, and I must say I am certainly intrigued about how you want to portray June in a similar role as that of Scully's own mother; I think you have a lovely opportunity to flesh out (bad pun I know, lol) both her and Scully's characters even more. And I can't even tell you how excited I am that your going to incorporate BOTH Unicron and the Black Oil (it was something I had been hoping they were going to use in the newest X-files movie, but alas, twas not meant to be); together both could make for deliciously fiendish adversaries! As always, I'm looking forward to how Optimus and Mulder interact, you've got an eye and ear for dialogue, so I can't wait to see how their conversations--throughout which they'll no doubt share/ agree/disagree on their various beliefs and perspectives ;) --turn out! Keep your "crazy" ideas coming!

      All the Best!
    10. OrionsBelt
      Hey, I saw your attempt at a serious question, but like all of the time, there are so many Transformers fans that are just plain immature. Funny thing, those same fans cry and whine about why no director wants to take the franchise serious, when it's own fans can't. With that said, you may have to start a group on this, that way you can accept only the serious ones and not worry about the trolls.

      My personal take, after seeing this hatchling thing in the movies, I'm thinking they reproduce more or less like bird or a reptile does, or even how movies like The Island hint how they clone. An external egg is made, and waiting for parts from one Transformer and another are merged in it, and then powered up by the cube or some other energon source. Haven't watched Prime, but there have been brothers in other continuities, so how are brothers developed if they didn't have parents of some sort????????
    11. Epsilon
      Can't wait! *reading now lol*
    12. Spunky
      Hey Epsilon. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually decided to keep the crossover fanfic posted. In fact, I just added a lot more if you want to read it.
    13. Epsilon
      Hey Spunky, so sorry to hear about how discouraged you're getting, so long as your cool with it I'd love to make a copy of your fanfic and I hope one day you'll go through with your other x-files crossover idea. So what if it would techically never happen, the point of fanfics is to write it for the love of writing and for the love of the fandom; yeah X-files fandom is diminishing, but I don't ever see it dissapearing completely--the day that it does will be a very sad, sad day indeed :(--I didn't think your fanfic idea was a waste of time, its precisely because Fox is being money grubing that fans should write their fanfics :) again I'm sorry to hear about your frustration and hope things start to look up for you. Does this mean youre going to take a break from TFW2005 then?

      btb I agree with GFH, its so increadibly easy to offend people here on so many of the threads; you voice your opinion in a clear and rational manner (much like you've been doing) and all of the sudden people go grab their pitchforks and start hurling insults and telling you youre wrong. Its kinda sad how quickly people tend to forget that this meant to be a mutually enjoyable thing, its about sharing likes--and dare I say it--dislikes about the fandom and about discussing points of interest and opinions in a friendly and open manner. Anywho, again sorry you've been having a rough time of it :(
    14. GFH
      I like the idea of female Primes as well, but I think Elita-One is off-limits when it comes to candidature. You're a very opinionated gal, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just be careful not to insult anyone, you wouldn't wanna get banned. Stick around and spread your wrath instead.
      Spooky Coincidence
    15. Spunky
      Hey Epsilon. Thanks. There's a reason why I included Mulder descending into Alcoholism a bit and having emotional problems in the fanfic. Mulder thinks he's searching for the truth, but in all actuality, as the X-Files has long hinted at, he's always subconsciously just been searching for that perfect father figure/savior he never had and Prime becomes that. There's going to be a scene where Prime visits Mulder's house possibly to get his stuff and notices all the shattered dishes, alcohol, and sleeping pills. He's going to get real concerned for him fast because in Prime's past, he lost a fellow Autobot soldier/friend to substance abuse and suicide. Transformers, being biomechanical, have to consume nutrients as well as Energon to survive. They are capable, like ourselves, of putting things into their bodies that can be addictive. Prime's friend lost all of his family to the Decepticons who killed them all. He started abusing the Cybertronian versions of addictive substances and displayed severe emotional problems before finally killing himself. Optimus Prime blames himself for his friend's suicide feeling he was not there enough for him. It's a demon he carries with him everyday even though he doesn't talk about it. So when he sees Mulder consuming addictive substances and breaking things out of anger, he shows extreme concern for him immediately not wanting what happened to his friend to happen to him. It's going to be an extremely touching scene that forms a powerful bond and friendship between these two iconic characters.
    16. Epsilon
      Hey Spunky :) Viva la Elita-One!!!! I really liked your idea for the X-files/ Transformers Prime crossover, I hope you go for it, you've got a reader here for sure! I think Ratchet as Scully's guardian would really work, their idiosyncrasies do match when you think about it. Out of all of the other bots Optimus is probably the only one with patience enough for Mulder and could potentially even keep him from stirring up too much trouble ;) Of course I'm always a fan of anyone who includes Elita-One and the plot ideas you were tossing around sound like they have a lot of potential, particularly because it would give TFP Optimus a different and certainly more intriguing characterization/ dynamic.
    17. x BlackMagnus x
    18. eagc7
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