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I make bots., from Rhode Island

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Mar 17, 2024
    1. jeencha
      How much for the Roadbuster head?
    2. The Crow
      The Crow
      Thanks again for the Pyro and Rotorstorm heads!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    3. Joey_Santana
      Hey Allen, What's up bro?

      I'm just wondering if you already finished the Overlord head. Any updates??

      Please let me know as soon as it is ready for shipping out. Really eager to put my hands on this one.

      By the way, ur mailbox is full.

    4. supervir2
      Hi Allen! Drop me a line!
    5. mstyger87
      hey dude hows it going, im just wanting a bit of input, im building my bruticus and was wondering if you could help out on a certain point, im going to end up giving him foot pads/plates and im not to sure what to make them into when hes not bruticus, i was thinking a shield or something but not sure bout vehicle mode, any ideas would be great :)
    6. Torque
      heads up your inbox is full lol
    7. simified
      Hi Allen,
      I was curious if you had mailed out the Bruty head yet. I hope your Insecticon add ons are going well. I picked up all 3 with the sole purpose of buying your kits
    8. soymonk
      Hey, Spoon! Are you still working on those Insect Add On parts? I had some major QC with my Thundershred and I've been dying to replace his claws and gauntlets with your parts.
    9. Crystal Convoy
      Crystal Convoy
      I thought I'd let you know your inbox is full.
    10. Superquad7
    11. Superquad7
      There is a thread in the Transformers on eBay for posting about deadbeat eBay sellers. Go there and post away :)
    12. Rodimeister0088
      Hey bro, finally can purchase some stuff, i am in need of a head for the new Shattered Glass Magnus that was announced. i think the face is the only thing different in the mold. its on the home page if you wanna have a look. if you could let me know what the options are and how much it would be itd be greatly appreciated. I put the sentinel project on hold for now since its not a priority for me atm but soon i will send it :)
    13. Prime002
      Nice, What did you do to fix the head? Sorry if i am asking alot of quesitons. i like the whole customizing of transformers. one day i would like to paint my own. What did you use to prime the figure? would you be able to send pic's?
    14. Prime002
      How everything going?
    15. javaco
      SPOONMAN!!! wheres the protector upgrade upgrade?! me want soon! :drool:
    16. Prime002
      Thank you
    17. Prime002
      Thanks for the update. Megatron's head is kinda messed up. I used a Kwik Plastik epoxy as a filler to wrap around the ball jointed neck. Now the head dosen't turn. I thought it would harden to make a tight connection to the ball joint. Is there a way to fix the head?
    18. ironjazz
      I know a custom you could do wfc star scream from the terradive/space case mold.
    19. wasp819
      Merry christmas buddy xxxxxxxxx
    20. ironjazz
      how big are your delorian transformer and you ecto 1 transfomers
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